Dec 1, 2014

Van-Guardians Live Stream — Interview

This is the third Van-Guardians Livestream from Team 2XC featuring an interview of me with guest commentary. It’s over 2 hours long—the interview is just above one hour! Host Jonathan Mindham and the rest of these guys do well at providing informative and entertaining video so I suggest checking out the rest of their content and subscribing.

Nov 9, 2014

Video update: Revengers deck check

Revengers video! This goes over The Emperor decklist in some detail and explains how to use each piece. There’s also a modification I had done to keep the list up to date.

Hi to my readers that I know IRL!

Nov 4, 2014

Draw Trigger Details

tumblr_m76yrrnn3d1qmn6dpOne thing you may encounter in your journey to become a great Cardfighter and especially when figuring out how to construct a deck, is the idea of Draw triggers providing you the necessary card advantage to win. So let’s examine that idea, with the full understanding of the types of card advantage in Vanguard (the previous link) and how Draws fit into that ideal in your deck. There’s no question that decks do usually require some level of an advantage engine whether that be from gaining additional attacks (depriving the opponent of shield cards in hand) or adding more to your side of the board to provide both more shielding and more units on the field. How decks do this generally depends on the particular method of advantage they want to get, which is split into gaining their own cards or depriving the opponent of cards. Draw triggers do not fit into the second front, since they add no additional pressure or threat to your existing board state but can only add cards to your hand. Continue reading »

Oct 28, 2014

New Video – Deck check on Za Warudo

This new video goes over the decklist found in the Nova Grappler clan section and highlights the various plays and uses. Particularly, the fact that it has no bad ride and how devastating its wins can be! Check it out and be sure to leave me feedback on videos. Most of my videos, for so long as I have a terrible webcam and nothing actually good, will likely be spur of the moment things I do once I get home from locals. Enjoy.

(Hi Zac from Alien games!)

From the Video Description in case anyone from here misses it:

MINOR CORRECTION: Rule – where you actually do declare attack, then boost, however for some reason Bushiroad has “on-attack” and “on-boost” abilities activate after the boost only, not directly after the attack. Well, chalk that up to weirdness. So yes your Mond stands the VG booster and each samurai gets +15k.

Jun 7, 2014

June Update 2014

Update!As usual this is an update post to brief you all on site changes. EB-08 & EB-09 features the update. Click the read whole article link to see comments on everything.

Updated this time:

EB08 and 09 are really interesting releases that will surely shake up the game. Though they are not created equally. As per usual, I’m reviewing the actual product boxes; Champions of the Cosmos is an amazing box that sports 3 very playable RRR units and 2 new RR playables, with a third perfect guard (the coolest one yet!) and its remaining RRs are respectable throwbacks for things that we need in the newest decks if you haven’t already picked them up. Having more accessible means of getting Stern and Asura Kaiser were sorely needed. The new trigger arts for Nova Grappler are stupendous and almost make me want to run rainbow triggers. Almost. Everything released in that set is top-notch and brings a ton of power to Novas, putting them back in the Tier 1 game with not one but two decks. The release of the whole Blau archetype brings a soft tear to my eyes as Reals finally make a big break in Vanguard.

EB09 fares a bit less well. Notably, it has a third perfect guard for Kagero as well (though not a second archetype PG like Novas). Two out of three RRRs are notable, though you’ll see later why I only say “notable”. It’s Blast Bulk Dragon that really ruins the box if you pull one. Dragonic Overlord, Lawkeeper and Gaias are really piss-poor RRs for this set and the only usable RR is Critic though only if you run the Nouvelle deck. For a Kagero player that already has the Tier 1 deck that’s been around since Set 11, you have the option of completely ignoring this box. Continue reading »


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