Apr 11, 2014



I wanna be Hokage!

For those of you who are unaware, the name Nubatama means Blackberry Lily’s seeds (re-classified as Iris Domestica from Chinese-known  Belamcanda chinensis) and was used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat heat illnesses (heat is interpretive, it is meant as a soul-weather, and relates to ulcers, fevers, etc). In common use, it can mean the blackness in the night (environment) which is probably the use being given here, and it happily fits the environment theme of Dragon Empire.

[fun side note: it can also mean Unexpected, and Black together, kind of like a pun on their stealth ambush tactics]. Originally, it should’ve been part of clan Murakumo but they were separated out into just four total cards; later being completed as a legal mono-clan by BT-13. Some of the cards have an effect that allows you to counterblast 1 and make your opponent discard something in their hand if you have less cards in hand than they do upon hit.

Obviously, the idea behind this deck is to deplete your opponent’s card advantage, by way of primarily removing their guard. Then, go for damage when they’re unable to guard appropriately. The requirement to discard from most of them is that you have less cards in hand (not equal or more) than your opponent. While this prevents you from gaining true advantage from the skill, it’s still advantage in the sense that you can use your innate draws and drive checks to then overtake the opponent (which means Nubatama tends to do well with rear-guards attacking first) which means Nubatama generally doesn’t fall behind in advantage very easy. Hagakure is an MVP star of this mechanic by being high guard and low cost to both stop a normal attack and take your opponent down with you. Continue reading »

Mar 15, 2014

March “Dimensional Brave Kaiser” Update

Update!As usual this is an update post to brief you all on site changes. TD-12 features the update. Click the read whole article link to see comments on Trial Deck. Warning: it’s a wall of text.

Updated this time:

Trial Deck 12, Dimensional Brave Kaiser I think is the one release to throw me for the largest loop. If you don’t want spoilers to how it went, you can read the update above in its entirety before continuing. In a horrible twist of fate, the one card I’ve spent months melodramatically crying out against for being a sacky piece of shit turned out to be a bit more complicated than that. If you look at it, it seems to go against every single established standard for what makes a “good card” in Vanguard. Critical in late game, sacky grade 3 check in late game for one turn, blah blah whatever. It’s a one-turn wonder that doesn’t affect the opponent except to weed out good players when they don’t deserve to, just like Horn Drill and other OHKO moves in Pokemon*; or so I used to think. (*OHKO moves at all lv 100 will hit 1/3 of the time. The probability of a grade 3 check is 1/3. Thus they’re comparable as both are One-Hit-Kills with low probability and thus making them horrible plays that cost good players game when they shouldn’t).

Of course I’m Alice, so I’m not only going to give even the worst deck a fair shot, I’m going to try and exploit it as much as possible. I found a horrible monster of a deck lurking under the surface; something that directly compares to existing decks…and the Tier standings changed.

Current Tier Standing

If you DO NOT KNOW the definition of each Tier according to this site, you NEED to read the March Update or the February Update to get yourself up to speed. You will not have any clue what I’m talking about and will make horribly wrong assumptions and then grill me on it unfairly. Just do us all a favor and read.

Tier 1

  • Narukami – Eradicator Dragonic Descendant
  • Dimension Police – Crazy Daikaiser
  • Shadow Paladin – Revengers / Raging Form-Mordred
  • Spike Brothers – Bad End Dragger-Emperor
  • Tachikaze – Aztechnos / Spinodriver-DarkRex
  • Kagero – Dauntless-End

In no particular order, anyway.

Tier 2

  • Aqua Force – Soft&Wet (Rush) / Transcore-GloryMaelstrom
  • Link Joker – Infinite-Schwarz/Star Platinum
  • Dark Irregulars – Dantalian-Master
  • Spike Brothers – Rush Blitz
  • Nova Grappler – SternBlau
  • Genesis – Iwanagahime-Himiko
  • Gold Paladin – Golden Experience

Again in no order. Stuff you totally noticed: Things are getting dropped off more (Genesis almost got knocked off the list entirely) due to the really lopsided nature of the tiers. Generally you have less Tier 1s than 2s, but it was getting higher and the Tier 2s couldn’t maintain the same ratios as before, bumping them off the list. Some of the decklist names changed (anything Tiered may have become a JoJo reference in addition to the existing ones). AND DAI FUCKING KAISER BECAME TIER 1. Holy shit. I spent months calling this card terrible and it goes and makes Tier 1 when I refine it into a list I’ve never seen before. It performed almost identical to Dragonic Descendant in math and in principle. It has a killer revenge with Daiyusha over it for 3 Critical early-kill before enough guard can even be obtained. It basically does everything people think Gauntlet Buster does (but doesn’t actually do). So this goes to show, everyone. No matter how strong you feel about a card or deck, in the end it always comes down to testing. I don’t give a crap who you are, what tournaments you’ve won, what experience you have, or what you just “know” has to be true; test it. If I can be 180 Degrees off target for 7 months, you can too. Enjoy your ever-growing ever-diversifying meta!

Mar 11, 2014

New Video – Deck Profile

BT10-019EN-RRHey everybody! I finally found time for an off-the-cuff video after work. It actually ended up being pretty long since I decided to show the deck and explain a walkthrough for it. If you’re interested in seeing my personal tournament deck or want to run Bad End Dragger effectively, I highly suggest you take a look at this. If you’re curious as well! Continue reading »

Mar 5, 2014

March UPDATE 2014

Update!As usual this is an update post to brief you all on site changes. BT-12 features most of these updates. Click the read whole article link to see comments on Set 10 and the new support. Warning: it’s a wall of text.

Updated this time:


Set 12 adds more competitive decks to the game, though a lot of duds were seen. Notably, Gold Paladins, the legion of Dark Irregulars, and Pale Moon fell completely short. I’m not very happy with the current support the Legions have gotten for the most part, with the notable exceptions of Eradicators and Revengers. In fact, before I update the Tier lists, I’m wanting to go over how each legion currently stands:
Continue reading »

Feb 20, 2014

Link Joker

Link Joker

To the Decklist! ->

TD11-009ENLink Joker are an invading mutated alien virus that infects their hosts (both definitions of “virus”) and make them into cybernetic organoids. With a normalized color scheme of white with black glowing red rings on each unit, this is the most themed clan of the game. Their main gimmick is “Lock” which works similar to Megacolony’s no-stand “Trapping” gimmick. Lock specifically works in the following way:

Place the Locked unit face-down. The entire circle and its contents count as not-existing while it is Locked. It doesn’t count as a clan or name or anything (it’s face down). During the End Phase of the Locked card owner’s turn, they can unlock it. This means if your card is locked during the opponent’s turn, it’s unusable for one turn. You cannot call over it because the circle no longer exists.

[Because the units no longer exist, the card cycler Black-Door Opener works even with Locked units so long as the number of face-up units are 2 or less] In this way, Lock works more like retiring in that they are prevented from using that unit to fulfill conditions or power gains from multiple units on the field and so on. Unlike trapping, Locking is unilaterally superior in that you cannot even choose to call-over the dead unit even if there would be a good Late game reason to do it. Ultimately what you find is that because Lock is temporary unlike retiring, it follows below it such that: Trapping < Locking < Retiring. Removing a threat permanently is almost always the better option unless it’s the last two turns of the game, in which case it kinda doesn’t matter much (your strategy with a Locking clan like Link Joker will be more defensive, as they cannot call to attack during late game locks; but will be indeterminate with Kagero, Narukami or similar because the opponent can choose to fight it out or guard). Continue reading »


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