As usual this is an update post to brief you all on site changes.

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Now that we have the new sets, you should pick up BT-09 Clash of Knights and Dragons and EB06 Dazzling Divas

on Amazon. In other news, I’ve gotten a job last week that is brutal on hours and travel so I have no time (or inclination) to tend to VMundi when I get home during the weekdays. This means all my testing and updates get moved to the weekend from now on and I likely can’t answer questions and comments every single day like I once could. EB04 and 05 are coming which is good enough to lower the price of all the units inside, but it also provides Vanguard’s 4th set that’s Mono-clan, making them perfect for special sealed tournaments or just dedicating yourself to the clans. Also I’ve decided not to update Genesis for BT-11 for a while (because work) since it won’t even matter until December anyway due to the set switch. I will more than likely be updating Granblue with BT-13 stuff as immediately as it gets revealed, however.


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  • reply PeckingBird ,

    What kind of job is it?

    • Alice

      reply Alice ,

      A shitty low-paying one.

    • reply Anon ,

      What are your thoughts on the new Celestials for Angel Feather? I’m curious as to whether it would be worth buying BT11 or just going for a build from the current sets.

      • Alice

        reply Alice ,

        Not sure yet. I’ve done my preliminary look-over and it appears that Celestials will be tested as a Swan-Soul copy with a few variations.

        • Anon ,

          Ok, they look interesting which is why I asked. On a side note, was I the only one who had no access to the site for over a week?

          • Alice

            Alice ,

            No, a few people did but I have no idea why or how. I can’t even begin to solve that problem. Thankfully the majority didn’t have it.

        • reply Anon ,

          Okay, good to know that it wasn’t my computer spazzing out. I know that this is probably not a good thing to ask, knowing your stance on it, so I will try not to be an arse about it. With regards to MLB (please don’t kill me…), I wanted to ask how often the effect usually goes off, as there are a HUGE amount of MLB players in my local area (I’m talking two thirds of all the decks present!), as I really want to know how best to combat it. Sorry if this is a question that you would rather not answer or has already been answered, but I’m fairly new to VMundi so I haven’t gone through the forums or old posts yet. Also, (sorry to post a wall of text), how well do you think your Raindear Deck will do at a WCQ?

          • reply Anon ,

            Shouldn’t this be asked as separate posts in the RP and Bermuda pages?

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