April Update 2014


As usual this is an update post to brief you all on site changes. BT-13 & EB-07 features the update. Click the read whole article link to see comments on everything. Warning: it’s a wall of text.

Updated this time:

BT-13 is one of those just weird sets where I thought maybe one card (Chaos Breaker Dragon) and a few common stragglers might help some decks but ended up giving decklists to almost every clan it had a release to and made many of them actually fit a tier. Let’s go over everything in detail and then just do a quick rundown of how the Tiers pan out, though I suspect you’ll be able to place things after you read stuff.

Nova Grappler – Got a new deck! Ethics Extreme with Asura Kaiser. I started by just testing various Ethics builds (both new ones) and really got nowhere. They always did the same or worse as some existing deck in Novas, either Asura or Stern (Extreme and Reverse respectively). But instead I decided to hell with it and combined them all for a grade checking extravaganza. It was a pretty difficult deck to make work but with an eventual 12/49 units checkable for stands each midgame turn and 16/49 for late game, it became a pretty consistent deck with optional standing vanguard finisher. Beast Deities needed this and it was the first time they were able to pull themselves out of second chair for Nova Grapplers since they were created. It’s also the first time a NG deck has tied with Stern since it was created. And this new deck just wears you down, it’s so disheartening to play against.

GranblueThe most surprising find of all. Granblue ended up working like a more consistent, more reliable, easier and stronger version of Spinodriver, which we all know was doing pretty okay before in its Tier 1 slot. The saving grace for Granblue was that because it tanks as well as Spino when it succeeds, it was at least as good as it, but its fail condition (Cocytus R only), was not only far better and still pretty good all-in-all but also not being set up was way less likely to happen due to more consistent mills. Getting so much hand in Granblue has never been possible before and even the most draw-tastic Oracle Think Tank deck has to bow out.

Great Nature – Everyone thought this would remain a useless clan just like Granblue, for an indefinite period. However, using the same principle of Spinodriver, I managed to construct a deck slightly inbetween the fail probabilities of Spino and Granblue but with a tiny bit better fail condition than Spino and a worse one than Granblue. As such, Great Nature’s hand building tank deck ended up securing its own spot as well. It’s been long thought that GN was like a “half advantage half power” deck but really it’s best as a pure hand tank deck for late game.

Oracle Think Tank – Got back in the running with CEO, again. CEO has long since been the best Oracle boss for the very good reason that she makes triggers ridiculously common and it’s frustrating to deal with. Now she gains a massive advantage engine with guaranteed +1 each turn up to 5. With that, you end up with an offensive/defensive split that puts it on par with Spinodriver.

Nubatama – I was highly surprised they didn’t really end up doing better. Not only did they launch at an unexpected sub-tier 1 but they’re barely holding on to the competitiveness they do have. Mostly this is due to a heavy reliance on few key cards to get them through things and having to plow through so many defensive decks in the same, or higher, tiers just wears the deck out to the point that any little thing going wrong can ruin it. Nubatama tends to excel really hard against offensive decks (due to their notable lack of units in hand) like discard-to-restand gambits and tends to fail miserably at decks that gain lots of hand. This means that while yes, its average is one thing, Nubatama is anti-restand making it a bitch for most of the really good decks to go against. In this current meta it looks like you’re either a (V)-restand or a hand tank if you’re successful with very few exceptions.

Aqua Force – Well they finally got rid of some of the things holding them back but bizarrely didn’t get to change tiers. This is mostly due to the fact that there are so many newcomer decks dragging it back down just to stay competitive. The clan would’ve dropped from the list without the aid of Tetra-Drive Dragon which tends to be a bit of a weaker DDD-The End, so I would suggest only building it if you can’t go for EDD or DDD.

Link Joker – Definitely changed a lot. Launched at Tier 2, immediately propelled to Tier 1 where it seems they might stay for some time. A win condition of +7 is pretty god damn impressive and with minimal effort. In additon they have a ton of just pure option and ways to counter/offguard the opponent. Look for LJ being a major player in the upcoming meta.

Current Tier Standing

If you DO NOT KNOW the definition of each Tier according to this site, you NEED to read the March Update or the February Update to get yourself up to speed. You will not have any clue what I’m talking about and will make horribly wrong assumptions and then grill me on it unfairly. Just do us all a favor and read.

Tier 1

  • Narukami – Sword of Apocalypse (Descendant)
  • Dimension Police – Crazy Daimond (Daikaiser)
  • Shadow Paladin – Arthur’s Bane (Raging Form Revengers)
  • Spike Brothers – Go to BED (Dragger-Emperor)
  • Granblue – Maxx Limp Bizkit (Lord Nightmist-CocR)
  • Kagero – 255 Poise (Dauntless-End)
  • Link Joker – Star Platinum (Chaos-IZD)

In no particular order, anyway.

Tier 2

  • Aqua Force – Soft&Wet (Rush) / Foo Fighters (Tetra-Drive)
  • Dark Irregulars – Dimension Distortion (Dantarian-Master)
  • Spike Brothers – Rush Blitz (Rush)
  • Nova Grappler – Star Blue Wisdom (Stern) / Ebony Devil Hatred (Asura-EthicsE-EthicsR)
  • Tachikaze – Aztechno (Spino-Darkrex)
  • Great Nature – The Hand (Chat-LeoR)
  • Oracle Think Tank – Auspex of Thoth (CEO-Magus)
  • Nubatama – Black Sabbath (Kuji-Kabu)


  • Genesis – Iwanagahime-Himiko
  • Gold Paladin – Golden Experience

Again in no order. Handy-dandy color chart!

Purple stuff was dropped from a previous position
Blue stuff was new but didn’t change its clan’s position
Green stuff raised its clan position

Stuff you totally noticed: Things got dropped way more due to inconsistency hurting clans so much or others just totally replacing their gimmicks with unilateral upgrades. Things are getting more competitive than ever before, but if you consider that 3 dropped positions (2 dropping off entirely), and 5 came in, that’s a net profit of more diversity! In addition, many of those decks that came in were previously not even on the board. In fact none of the Tier 2s from last meta even went up but Link Joker. Everything came from completely uncompetitive to Tier 2 or 1. Granblue made the highest jump obviously. Tier 2 is getting massively overcrowded and some decks threatened to push legitimately good ones out of the running just because there were so many. However, things are more balanced than previous metas just because more checks and challenges exist (Nubatama does well versus restanding vanguards or other discardy things, while terrible against the hand tanks).

Granblue probably has close to the least number of weaknesses right up there with Revengers and Descendant just because it competes well with them and doesn’t easily succumb to any given deck (though EDD does still wreck Granblue slightly on average; it usually wrecks everything on average even if slightly). If you’re a fan of Spinodriver, you now have two other decks to choose from that directly mimic this playstyle: GB and GN.

Do not throw out your Genesis just because it dropped this format. After the next two EBs it gets a chance to make a comeback. Golds are dead now though and might not come back in BT14 though that’s just speculation.

Stipulations: Interestingly you still want to know some matchups despite the numbers being pretty solid. Decks have success conditions and fail conditions. What you want to do is assess both the chance and severity of the fail conditions when the successes are equal (or good enough for a win). In Tier 1 for example, all the successes give you wins so it’s pointless to even talk about how “omg good” Chaos Breaker is or Bad End is. What matters is what it can’t do and how often it can’t do it. Longevity describes the deck’s persistence of its success condition as well, like giving multiple turns of benefit. Let’s go over some:

  • 255 Poise – Failure: DDD isn’t ridden. Amazing failure condition because it means The End is ridden and you get a midgame, even if you get a “weaker” late game which isn’t even necessarily true. Chance: Medium. Same as any Unit-over-Break (specific unit ridden over a break ride, henceforth: UOB) though a DDD over DDD still kinda works and sets you up for longevity if you don’t win. Since the weakness of the deck is still a strength, it appears to be very difficult to knock off the Tier 1 list, even with a slightly less effectual end condition than some. Longevity: It’s a one-trick pony for DDD or End. You’re not going off with these more than once usually and most Break Ride decks are this way. A longer living deck tends to do better on all other equal terms.
  • Sword of Apocalypse – Failure: EDD isn’t ridden before LB4. You’re pretty much screwed. Chance: Low. Almost never happens in any game since you have the superior ride, 4 copies of it, and all the way until LB4 to get it which is > 95% chance in a given game in total. Making EDD one of the most disgustingly good decks in the game and very consistent. Longevity: 2 turns usually, so pretty good. This just keeps going until the opponent eats Apocalypse twice or dies.
  • Maxx Limp Bizkit – Failure: Lord Nightmist not ridden. It’s okay, Cocytus-R is decent and still allows you to get around 1/2–1/3 of what you wanted without it. Chance: Medium. UOB but not necessary. Technically you can also not setup any draw units to revive but that’s unlikely since you start with one and have mills out the ass. Longevity: 3+ turns. Generally 3 turns though since it can deck you out. These can be +0 or +1–2 turns which is pretty devastating guard creep in late game. This is a highly enduring and long-lasting deck.
  • Star Platinum – Failure: IZD not ridden first. You might be just fine, though your win condition will switch to wheedling the opponent down with guard quality and frustration for them. Chance: Medium. UOB. Longevity: Generally the 1 turn sets you up for a long time but CBD can keep going another 1 turn, making its effective longevity closer to 2 turns.
  • Go to BED – Failure: No Dragger break ride. You’re pretty much screwed unless the opponent failed too. There’s something to be said for a strong fail condition that competes with Kagero and Granblue’s really well and rips apart most of the others. Chance: Medium, UOB. Dragger-Dragger not recommended but not impossible to win with either. Longevity: 1 turn. They have to die or you’re dead.
  • Arthur’s Bane – Failure: No Dorint/BDR combo midgame. You’re almost completely unaffected since Tartu gives advantage anyway, Trumpeter gives advantage, and Raging Form goes DDD on someone’s ass. Your fail condition is better than most Tier 1 win conditions. Chance: Low. How can it fail when you have so much searchability? Essentially it’s like you get hand screwed just like anyone can be but then you’d also have to never get 2 Forms all game. Longevity: 4+ Turns. Generally these effects build up over midgame and splash out in late game, thus making it a very enduring deck.
  • Crazy Daimond – Failure: Daikaiser isn’t ridden first. Eh? You have Dark Daiyusha which can do some hurt in late game but your fail condition generally is just on par with other fail conditions. Chance: Medium. Even with the chance to check a g3, you’ll still be doing things since they have to guard for the high chance of death. It’s the same as any UOB if you want the Daiyusha revenge-kill and lower if you just need Daikaiser for the shield break. Longevity: 1 turn, make it count! 2 if you can ride 2 Dais but that’s kinda obvious in every case.

Well I hope you all enjoyed this very time-consuming and crazy changing update of BT-13. Indeed, I hope you also enjoyed unplayable clans coming into the spotlight and the game as a whole diversifying. (Tip: I don’t recommend building Ethics since EB08 is coming up so soon)


Alice is the webmaster of VMundi, author, editor, mathematician, and autodidact. She has over 6 years of publishing experience writing articles for various self-run sites. Her interests include game design, economics, Game Theory, graphical design, quantum mechanics and mathematics.

  • reply alphafive ,

    “If you DO NOT KNOW the definition of each Tier according to this site, you NEED to read the March Update or the February Update to get yourself up to speed. You will not have any clue what I’m talking about and will make horribly wrong assumptions and then grill me on it unfairly. Just do us all a favor and read.”

    This should be in an even bigger font, and should be posted multiple times throughout the article. So people get the message.

    • reply Carol ,

      I’m wondering if your Vanguard-Podcast is still being planned?

      • Alice

        reply Alice ,

        Not right now. Horrible life things happened when I had it planned and I haven’t been able to find the will since.

      • reply LunarMedic ,

        Quick Question: Where does the dimension Police ‘Mazinger Z’ stand on this list?

        • reply Lich_Lord_Fortissimo ,

          Assuming Tier 2 by virtue of being a worse MoFE Late Game with the better Mid Game. Just me, though.

          • reply Tetsu Is Awesome ,

            Currently under testing in the Testing Gauntlet section of the forums due to not enough results. It needs to be tested more before anything can be said though.

            • LunarMedic ,

              I was wondering why it was in there, I’m oblivious, oops. Thank you though.

            • Alice

              reply Alice ,

              Weeeeell….our data seem to be showing a thing about it. It appears to be Tier 1. We’re still reeling in the finality of that but it seems to be the best explanation thus far. But that can be completely different once testing is finished.

              • blaZofgold

                blaZofgold ,

                Not that surprising, since they have a midgame damage output of a truck and lategame damage output of an aircraft carrier. Just makes me wonder how Dantarian-Master fails to equal in terms of pressure/damage. Are crits really that amazing?

            • reply Kururu_Sensei ,

              I’m torn. I don’t know if I should build a Grandblue deck or a Dimension Police (Daikaiser) deck. I like both play styles. Which of the two decks would would win more fights? Cuz I keep losing with my current deck and I want to win more (who doesn’t?). Oh and money is no concern. :D

              • Alice

                reply Alice ,

                Strictly going by tests, Granblue was winning more.

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