June Update 2014


As usual this is an update post to brief you all on site changes. EB-08 & EB-09 features the update. Click the read whole article link to see comments on everything.

Updated this time:

EB08 and 09 are really interesting releases that will surely shake up the game. Though they are not created equally. As per usual, I’m reviewing the actual product boxes; Champions of the Cosmos is an amazing box that sports 3 very playable RRR units and 2 new RR playables, with a third perfect guard (the coolest one yet!) and its remaining RRs are respectable throwbacks for things that we need in the newest decks if you haven’t already picked them up. Having more accessible means of getting Stern and Asura Kaiser were sorely needed. The new trigger arts for Nova Grappler are stupendous and almost make me want to run rainbow triggers. Almost. Everything released in that set is top-notch and brings a ton of power to Novas, putting them back in the Tier 1 game with not one but two decks. The release of the whole Blau archetype brings a soft tear to my eyes as Reals finally make a big break in Vanguard.

EB09 fares a bit less well. Notably, it has a third perfect guard for Kagero as well (though not a second archetype PG like Novas). Two out of three RRRs are notable, though you’ll see later why I only say “notable”. It’s Blast Bulk Dragon that really ruins the box if you pull one. Dragonic Overlord, Lawkeeper and Gaias are really piss-poor RRs for this set and the only usable RR is Critic though only if you run the Nouvelle deck. For a Kagero player that already has the Tier 1 deck that’s been around since Set 11, you have the option of completely ignoring this box.

Nova Grappler – There’s so much to discuss here. Galaxy Blaukluger is a beast of a deck now. Regular Stern was already sitting at the highest Tier 2 position possible and the new inclusion of Mars and Galaxy made the deck skyrocket to Tier 1 with massive win rates. It doesn’t consistently tie with Descendant or Revengers but very little does. It beats Granblue and Mazinger Z outright but loses its ass to Za Warudo (will discuss after this). It ties with the rest of that tier. Now that you know Galaxy’s matchup, it’s easy to see why it’s fairly strong. Galaxy was tested with and without the chain and with Stern and Mond variants but the one published did the best of all. Having the guaranteed early booster in Morgenrot and having the Stern midgame did the best for the deck.

Za Warudo is the Immortal Asura and Mond variant. While technically strictly better than the Galaxy variant, it is also more expensive but since both are Tier 1, fuck you, I’m listing both. It casts its mold from the Daikaiser decklist, almost card-for-card (literally, go look at them). As it has the same chances to win, a better success condition that works longer, and much much better fail conditions, Za Warudo unsurprisingly destroys the shit out of Daikaiser’s build. The two best builds were one with 4 Galaxies and one with 4 Asura base forms. The Galaxy version was the originally proposed build and did mostly the same as the other with some key differences: it was tying with Chaos Breaker and losing hard to Descendant while tying or beating everything else. Using Asura Kaiser with Immortal in the deck unlocked Samurai power more often and gave the deck equal (!!!) standing with Descendant and beat the pants off of Chaos Breaker handily. With the best build of the deck, it always tied Revengers, beat: Granblue, Spikes, Mazinger Z, Chaos Breaker, Crazy Daimond, and barely scraped beating King Crimson (the new name of 255 Poise). It’s kind of insane because now we have a “Big 3”, where Revengers, Descendant, and Immortal all pile around each other at about 0.5 win probability each. The rest each beat/lose to other decks with trade offs.

KageroOne new build was added…but really only out of obligation. In fact, if you look at the stats of Nouvelle Vague’s contribution, she and her support actually make King Crimson worse overall. As it takes the deck down from decently competing in Tier 1 to the top of Tier 2. While it’s definitely the “Killer Queen” (hehe) of Tier 2, the Dragon’s Dream deck no longer competes when you make the changes to Crimson partly due to not having Conroe anymore and partly because you scale back the number of attackers and also get more boring units (even if you get Roman and Critic, which are admittedly good). Vague herself could barely beat completely vanilla decks when I controlled for vanillaness (Superior Riders + Vague vs any completely vanilla deck; Vague barely tops out), showing that the cost of Vague really didn’t outweigh the massive changes needed to make a deck with her work.

In fact, Kagero players can skip this update entirely as their deck is already, and still is, Tier 1. Not only that, adding her and Critic to a deck makes it more expensive than before! This deck is only listed out of pure obligation so I don’t have to answer a crapload of questions from readers who want to know where the omgNewKickassGrade4 deck is. Sorry to break it to you, but that card was pretty piss-poorly designed to wash out everything…making it “vague” (hehe). I was really pissed when I saw this card and assumed it would ruin the game. It’s more likely to ruin your deck and wallet than the game and that’s with fixing the grade ratio problem she creates. Read carefully: I am not adding Dragon’s Dream to the Tier 2 list. Despite being Tier 2, it’s completely useless to ruin King Crimson that way. So don’t ask.

Current Tier Standing

If you DO NOT KNOW the definition of each Tier according to this site, you NEED to read the March Update or the February Update to get yourself up to speed. You will not have any clue what I’m talking about and will make horribly wrong assumptions and then grill me on it unfairly. Just do us all a favor and read.

Tier 1

  • Narukami – Sword of Apocalypse (Descendant)
  • Shadow Paladin – Arthur’s Bane (Raging Form Revengers)
  • Nova Grappler – Za Warudo (Immortal-Mond)
  • Nova Grappler – Moody Blues (Stern-Galaxy)
  • Dimension Police – Crazy Daimond (Daikaiser)
  • Spike Brothers – Go to BED (Dragger-Emperor)
  • Granblue – Maxx Limp Bizkit (Lord Nightmist-CocR)
  • Kagero – King Crimson (Dauntless-End)
  • Link Joker – Star Platinum (Chaos-IZD)
  • Dimension Police – Mazinger Z (Daiyusha Critical)

In no particular order, anyway.

Tier 2

  • Aqua Force – Soft&Wet (Rush)
  • Aqua Force – Foo Fighters (Tetra-Drive)
  • Dark Irregulars – Dimension Distortion (Dantarian-Master)
  • Spike Brothers – Rush Blitz (Rush)
  • Tachikaze – Aztechno (Spino-Darkrex)
  • Great Nature – The Hand (Chat-LeoR)
  • Oracle Think Tank – Auspex of Thoth (CEO-Magus)
  • Nubatama – Black Sabbath (Kuji-Kabu)


  • none

Again in no order. Handy-dandy color chart!

Purple stuff was dropped from a previous position
Blue stuff was new but didn’t change its clan’s position
Green stuff raised its clan position

Stuff you totally noticed: 255 Poise got changed to King Crimson while a bunch of other decks still do not have JoJo names. TWO new freaking Tier 1s from Nova Grappler instantly. Mazinger Z’s testing results came back from last update and I was totally right to list the deck on my blog as it was technically Tier 1, though about as low as Star Platinum (in other words: close to falling off). Nevertheless, it’s totally viable to play especially being a budget as hell Tier 1 deck. And just satisfying. Who doesn’t like smacking up your opponent with crits every turn?

The coolest thing ever about this release is that with the invention of Za Warudo, three top decks now exist that perfectly tie each other at 0.5 win ratios per deck. That’s astounding and none of those decks have a single deck in the game that can beat them at above 0.5. The rest of the decks in the game, they are equal to or better than. However, the definition of Tier 1 that I use allows everything else to stay grouped there since they still have a really good chance of winning. Just note that if you come asking me “what deck should I play?” and give me absolutely nothing to go on, I will say Apocalypse, Bane, or Warudo. Sword of Apocalypse is the cheapest and most consistent versus everything else. Bane of Arthur is the most expensive (once EB08 prices die down) but has midgame. ZaWarudo has a chance element but the most devastating gambits ever and good fail conditions. This almost means you can play these ridiculous decks in a team tournament!

Do not throw out your Genesis just because it dropped last update. After the next two EBs it gets a chance to make a comeback. Golds are dead now though and might not come back in BT14 though that’s just speculation.

Stipulations: Interestingly you still want to know some matchups despite the numbers being pretty solid. Decks have success conditions and fail conditions. What you want to do is assess both the chance and severity of the fail conditions when the successes are equal (or good enough for a win). In Tier 1 for example, all the successes give you wins so it’s pointless to even talk about how “omg good” Chaos Breaker is or Bad End is. What matters is what it can’t do and how often it can’t do it. Longevity describes the deck’s persistence of its success condition as well, like giving multiple turns of benefit. Let’s go over some:

  • King Crimson – Failure: DDD isn’t ridden. Amazing failure condition because it means The End is ridden and you get a midgame, even if you get a “weaker” late game which isn’t even necessarily true. Chance: Medium. Same as any Unit-over-Break (specific unit ridden over a break ride, henceforth: UOB) though a DDD over DDD still kinda works and sets you up for longevity if you don’t win. Since the weakness of the deck is still a strength, it appears to be very difficult to knock off the Tier 1 list, even with a slightly less effectual end condition than some. Longevity: It’s a one-trick pony for DDD or End. You’re not going off with these more than once usually and most Break Ride decks are this way. A longer living deck tends to do better on all other equal terms.
  • Sword of Apocalypse – Failure: EDD isn’t ridden before LB4. You’re pretty much screwed. Chance: Low. Almost never happens in any game since you have the superior ride, 4 copies of it, and all the way until LB4 to get it which is > 95% chance in a given game in total. Making EDD one of the most disgustingly good decks in the game and very consistent. Longevity: 2 turns usually, so pretty good. This just keeps going until the opponent eats Apocalypse twice or dies.
  • Maxx Limp Bizkit – Failure: Lord Nightmist not ridden. It’s okay, Cocytus-R is decent and still allows you to get around 1/2–1/3 of what you wanted without it. Chance: Medium. UOB but not necessary. Technically you can also not setup any draw units to revive but that’s unlikely since you start with one and have mills out the ass. Longevity: 3+ turns. Generally 3 turns though since it can deck you out. These can be +0 or +1–2 turns which is pretty devastating guard creep in late game. This is a highly enduring and long-lasting deck.
  • Star Platinum – Failure: IZD not ridden first. You might be just fine, though your win condition will switch to wheedling the opponent down with guard quality and frustration for them. Chance: Medium. UOB. Longevity: Generally the 1 turn sets you up for a long time but CBD can keep going another 1 turn, making its effective longevity closer to 2 turns.
  • Go to BED – Failure: No Dragger break ride. You’re pretty much screwed unless the opponent failed too. There’s something to be said for a strong fail condition that competes with Kagero and Granblue’s really well and rips apart most of the others. Chance: Medium, UOB. Dragger-Dragger not recommended but not impossible to win with either. Longevity: 1 turn. They have to die or you’re dead.
  • Arthur’s Bane – Failure: No Dorint/BDR combo midgame. You’re almost completely unaffected since Tartu gives advantage anyway, Trumpeter gives advantage, and Raging Form goes DDD on someone’s ass. Your fail condition is better than most Tier 1 win conditions. Chance: Low. How can it fail when you have so much searchability? Essentially it’s like you get hand screwed just like anyone can be but then you’d also have to never get 2 Forms all game. Longevity: 4+ Turns. Generally these effects build up over midgame and splash out in late game, thus making it a very enduring deck.
  • Crazy Daimond – Failure: Daikaiser isn’t ridden first. Eh? You have Dark Daiyusha which can do some hurt in late game but your fail condition generally is just on par with other fail conditions. Chance: Medium. Even with the chance to check a g3, you’ll still be doing things since they have to guard for the high chance of death. It’s the same as any UOB if you want the Daiyusha revenge-kill and lower if you just need Daikaiser for the shield break. Longevity: 1 turn, make it count! 2 if you can ride 2 Dais but that’s kinda obvious in every case.
  • Za Warudo – Failure: Immortal Asura is never ridden. There’s actually a pretty damn low chance of this just due to the fact that you have all game to get it but it can happen. It’s a rare instance of not relying on a break ride. But it does have a double failure: you need to ride Asura & use its skill within 1-2 turns if you don’t get Mond’s break ride. Chance: Low (due to Mond backup and Asura-Samurai back-backup). Longevity: 2 turns with Immortal, 1 turn with Immortal+Mond, 4 turns with Asura+Samurais.
  • Moody Blues – Failure: Both Galaxy ridden midgame and missing 1-2 Blaus by late game. Essentially you’d have to both miss Stern and miss the 2 rear guard Blau named attackers to screw this up. Chance: Very low. The chances of that, while incalculable due to variables can be estimated to be as low as shitting through your own nose one day. Your opponent has to deliberately target your attackers by late game when you get Galaxy assuming you also missed Stern’s ride. Longevity: ALL GAME. Assuming you succeed with Stern, you get all midgame. Assuming you also succeed with Galaxy, his pressure is 2 turns of late game. So basically you have all-game coverage.
  • Mazinger Z – Failure: You both fail to ride Daiyusha midgame (or magically never get an activator + get your starter retired) and Reverse is outclassed in pressure by the opponent’s tank/pressure deck. Chance: Low. Let’s face it, who is going to either retire your starter (or you never get one of 12 activators) or you never get your ideal ride AND outpace your backup plan? It’s really not that likely. Longevity: Mid-Late game so about 4+ turns as usual. You get Dark for 2 turns and Daiyusha for 3+.

Well I hope you all enjoyed this very time-consuming and crazy changing update of EB08/9.


Alice is the webmaster of VMundi, author, editor, mathematician, and autodidact. She has over 6 years of publishing experience writing articles for various self-run sites. Her interests include game design, economics, Game Theory, graphical design, quantum mechanics and mathematics.

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    Just curious. What happened to Alice. Is Alice ok. I haven’t seen any new information in a long time. I hope she’s ok. :(

    • Alice

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      I wasn’t actually okay. Just for the record.

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        I hope that you are now.

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          Alice ,

          That I am now?

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        So did Alice jump ship like she did with yugioh or are we going to see some good math going into legion format? I haven’t really agreed with a lot of the lists for the past couple sets but at least it was a fresh take on the game.

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          Alice has been busy recently, but things with the blog should start progressing fairly soon.

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            More like facing homelessness, not so much busy.

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            If you don’t agree, try doing math and tests yourself. Join the forum and speak with members who also do the tests. We’re a Lab here, so if you disagree, contribute peer review.

          • reply kidDhalgren ,

            Alice, great video, I’m a fan who often disagrees with what I read here but love that after personal testing I 9.9/10 times am forced to haha. I know the V-M is English Meta. . .BUT I love that so many people still post or cite Japanese Tourney decklists and the Revengers like so many others always has at least 4 draw trig. Usually that lich lord person will pop up and run them off with ass-holeisms or you or another commenter will remind them this is English Meta Tested etc, etc, BUT MY POINT IS THIS: http://cf-vanguard.com/cardlist/deckrecipe/wgp2014_vft_okayama I figure you’d have had Tarts instead of Masques in the g2 but otherwise I’m leaning towards this is close to JV-Mundi haha 12 CRIT, NO SHIT!

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              yeah so this was supposed to be on revengers video post, um. thanks 3rd party replacement chromebook charger that screwed-up the trackpad :((

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                Yeah it’s 12 Crit because draw does nothing reliable in that, or most decks. Same reason as usual. The formats are actually the same for the most part since they’re only a couple sets ahead most of the time so it’s not like something fundamental such as triggers will change much. As for tournament copycats: I don’t really think it’s worth looking at a tournament submission deck as the sole basis of determining what’s good. The major reason being that there’s no explanation from the person as to why these cards. If we can watch someone drown and bury themselves in ignorance, or shine a light of genius on us, that would be nice. However, this deck list looks really solid and will probably be how new Revengers is played, nearly card for card.

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