Mar 11, 2014

New Video – Deck Profile

BT10-019EN-RRHey everybody! I finally found time for an off-the-cuff video after work. It actually ended up being pretty long since I decided to show the deck and explain a walkthrough for it. If you’re interested in seeing my personal tournament deck or want to run Bad End Dragger effectively, I highly suggest you take a look at this. If you’re curious as well!

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Of course I apologize for the crackling and the lower quality than is desirable. This is a systemic problem with my mic and cam. Of course, recording it in HD uncompressed made it look and sound great, but the video cap software I decided to try just kills itself. Sorry about that!


  • Scubasage says:

    Great video Alice!

    I’m kinda sad this is coming out as I’m planning to sell the deck though, I’ve just had better luck with Descendant and Revengers than Dragger, and figure I don’t need to have 3 decks. Still, this is definitely great for anyone who was interested in the deck, it helps explain why waiting to go off is better than just going off willy-nilly.

    • Alice Alice says:

      I’d switch to Descendant if I gave enough care to go actually gather the cards (I have none of them). Revengers are fun but the expense-for-efficacy ratio isn’t worth it for me.

  • JayJaySee says:

    In the vid, you said if you swing with breakridden dudley emperor alone, you hit for 3 stages. I think you forgot dudley emperor only gets the 3k boost when its boosted by a spike brothers unit.

    • Alice Alice says:

      Sometimes opponents have 10k vanguards. I didn’t forget. It’s a very specific play for specific situations. That’s generally what people complain I don’t do enough of, so I did it. I don’t specify opposing power however because that’s always obvious when looking at context. Also even at 2 (vs 11k) you’re still doing good.

      • JayJaySee says:

        Right, my apologies. I made the assumption because the meta in my area doesn’t have 10k vanguards anymore. Btw great deck profile, I used to run panzer gale, but I’ll probably change it to charging bill collector. The reasoning made so much sense to me. Once again great job!

      • Alice Alice says:

        You should adjust your decks and plays to your locals since that meta-knowledge will give you the edge if there are decisions you can make against it. My blog can’t predict every meta in every town though so it uses a blind meta.

    • NubKnightZ says:

      Frankly speaking, you really shouldn’t have any trouble with taggers that hit 3 stages on their own without a Soul Blast due to your extra copies of Dragger. Panzer can be used a tech if you missed Dragger and want to call 2 Panzers for defense.

  • Dionysus says:

    What’s the budget? ( $$$ )

  • Ameesa says:

    Hey Alice sorry if im repeating this question i kinda just skimmed over the last 3 pages. but i was looking at building this deck at some point and the way Bad End Dragger’s card is worded i thought the 10k boost on a rearguard was only applied to one rearguard but the way u were talking in here suggested it could be boosted on all rearguards that attacked.

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