Calculating Chance

Chance Card!

Let’s get something out of the way before we delve into the fathomless depths of strategic gameplay in articles to come. Vanguard contains trigger cards which activate any time there is a “check” to the top of the deck. Some of you would say that this game is “luck based” but before I dispel this myth, I have to clear up a bit about terminology. The word luck actually carries a supernatural definition and implies that an unseen guiding force is directing your life. It actually has nothing to do with probability or scientifically observable chance. Since I’m not delusional, I will not be calling the outcomes of randomness and uncertainty “luck” but rather I will be using the proper term: chance. To those of you whom the education system in your country has failed; and you believe that chance is not measurable or that math and science have nothing to say about elements of randomness—you could not be more wrong.

There are entire fields dedicated to the calculation of chance. In Probability Theory, you learn how to determine the elements of chance and combine them in various useful ways. In Quantum Theory, you learn how random chance affects our universe at very tiny levels and drives literally everything in reality. In Game Theory, you learn how to take elements of random chance and make strategic choices based on the best average outcome given those chances. There are many decades and many greater minds that have all measured chance and pioneered humanity based on taming the wild beast called “randomness”. Read more