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Grade Ratios & Deck Framework

I have  a new video released (finally) talking about optimal Grade Ratio for riding and deckbuilding, then how to framework a deck in such a way that you get a step-by-step logical skeleton for building typical decks. It should help people understand the exact process of deck building in a general way. The narration is a good predecessor to the Deck Construction article, so go read that afterward if you haven’t already.

I definitely tried to spice up the presentation from last time (I noticed comments on the quality and was aware of the problem) by improving audio and video quality, adding more visual aids, and improving the Vanguard field to be more realistic and animated. I even had the dang thing digitally animated and most of it recorded within 1 week of posting my previous video (Perfect Guards).

Unfortunately, there were problems. Most of it was recorded when I was sick, since I wanted to get it done. So I have to apologize because most of the video has me with this weird throaty flu-like voice that isn’t really me. In addition, I kept coughing and having asthma attacks, so I had to cut the audio into segments and couldn’t record in one take (you’ll notice the tone shifts as I just got done coughing). And that’s also why I get really quiet sometimes because I can feel the lung itch coming on. Because my house rarely ever has peace and quiet to record, I ended up going several weeks without being able to follow up until last night when I got just enough time to finish recording but not re-record the sick parts. Apologies again. Anyway, it’s up now and I hope you can enjoy it for what it is, at least. The not-sick part starts around the time I discuss 11000 Power defense.

In other news, it’s been confirmed now that Bushiroad will release BT-11 before BT-10, now in October and BT-10 in December, citing “production reasons”; which literally no one in the history of never actually believes. I’m pretty sure we all know it’s because Dragonic Descendant ruined the entire game for Japan and it had to be restricted within its first official tournament. Way to go. So now, we get to wait all damn year for Spike Brothers which makes me sad. However, this does mean all my tests thus far have been completely wasted! Hooray. I’m in the process of re-working some things for BT-11, notably the Genesis deck which will no longer be stuck with BT-10 only units by the time they’re legal. However, there’s still some ground to cover with Extra Boosters and Trial Decks before I jump on BT-11, so please be patient.

The store I started running with my recommended products has become a pretty good success with many dozens of people finding this a good service. I hope that continues.

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Alice is the webmaster of VMundi, author, editor, mathematician, and autodidact. She has over 6 years of publishing experience writing articles for various self-run sites. Her interests include game design, economics, Game Theory, graphical design, quantum mechanics and mathematics.

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    Alice, you sound like a girl!


  • reply AstoXx ,

    Oh, hey. We get to hear what you sound like! Hopefully, we’ll get more videos from you in the future, seeing as they’re a lot more digestible than GIANT WALLS OF TEXT. Keep up the good work! Also, I finally have a FLGS that sells cards! I CAN FINALLY PLAY PHYSICALLY! WITH REAL PEOPLE!

    • Alice

      reply Alice ,


      • AstoXx ,

        Hmmm… I sense a modicum of sarcasm in that statement, or am I wrong? Text is hard to read into.

        • Alice

          Alice ,

          I was typing in VERY EXCITED ALL CAPS like you were :3

      • reply Gus ,

        Still not sure what the big deal is with BT-10 having to be pushed back. It’s a very easy fix. Take one of the promo cards and replace that dragon with it. That way you can only get that one by promo use/ebay and by the time you release it in promo form you either have an answer to it or you can put the ban hammer on it out the gate.

        Unless for some reason they already had BT-10 and 11 ready to go before that ban and suddenly had to pull it because of this thing it shouldn’t be that hard.

        Heck I remember Blue-eyes ultimate dragon took forever to show up, making that movie promo card unplayable as a result.

        Doing something similar where that thing just isn’t released in English until it is irrelevant or is needed to even play a new card should be fine.

        • reply 3XXXDDD ,

          Money. They wouldn’t make as much.

          • Alice

            reply Alice ,

            No they can’t do that because they already lied and claimed a bullshit unrelated cause. So doing that would be admitting he’s a problem and that they not only fucked up yet another broken ass card but lied about it.

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