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Yeah, that’s not me. Way to go, fool.

So anyway, I really just wanted to make a post apologizing for not having an article out this month except the update. I haven’t been inactive in the community (even wrote two semi-articles for the Forum) but something about writing lately has been making me space out. Rest assured that I’m now working on another article and I have several planned for the future, as well as BT-11 testing. Work was pretty brutal and stopped me from doing any testing except on the weekends…which is when I would otherwise have to be updating posts. I have a small list of changes that need to be made to existing articles, but since people love to criticize me, I figured I could get all that hate to turn into help: if you see stuff in an article that seems inaccurate, out of date, or unnecessary, please let me know in a comment. I plan to take all of these down and address them soon.

Also two other things:

I plan to make another video soon and I wanted to get feedback from everyone on what they’d like to see in the videos and what, if any, changes would like to be made. For now I’m pretty limited since I do not have a video camera with any kind of presentable quality; I can’t just record myself with some cards like most people out there. I’m also limited to a netbook computer, so the video editing part of it can be quite intensive on this poor thing. For the next subject, my thoughts were hovering around discussing opportunity cost and what that means for deck building. If any of you have ideas, I’d love to hear it. The videos are basically for you guys, so it would be a shame for me to just do what I want to do.

The second thing I wanted to note is that I’ve been tossing around the idea of taking the crossride units, isolating out the part where they gain defense, and discussing them merely as normal 11000 Power units. This one was kind of tough because several of them were pretty lackluster when they didn’t have their defense and there’s always the chance that someone doesn’t read me carefully and assumes I’m now condoning free defense (oh who am I kidding, there’s not a chance, it will absolutely happen. People even misunderstood the same position in 10 Things I Got Wrong). But, against my better judgment, I’ve decided to do it anyway. In the coming weeks, expect some analyses of the units themselves and their effects. If those effects by themselves are good enough for a decklist, expect a decklist; but those lists will not include the base unit that gives them defense. Vanguard becomes the most boring game on the planet when you move everything to 13k.

So that’s all for now, I want to apologize again for even having to write a news post when my updates should’ve been speaking for themselves. Hopefully I won’t spend all my time from now on learning math and science. Ciao.


Alice is the webmaster of VMundi, author, editor, mathematician, and autodidact. She has over 6 years of publishing experience writing articles for various self-run sites. Her interests include game design, economics, Game Theory, graphical design, quantum mechanics and mathematics.

  • reply PhantomRevenger ,

    Also not to mention the Great Nature one, which I kept re-reading for it’s also like my favourite deck after Shadow Paladin, Pale Moon, and Granblue!

    • reply PhantomRevenger ,

      Haha you’re welcome! And also thanks for making this brilliant blog! And it made me ace my science test too!

      • Alice

        reply Alice ,

        Christ, you really took that to heart. Well don’t give me too much of the credit. You did the learning after all.

      • reply coto ,

        I’d love to see you provide some analysis on the crossride units, as there are quite a few of them (specifically the newer ones) that are very good units on their own and are quite balanced unlike the BT-05 guys. Your blog is a wonderful resource for newer players and players from other tcgs who are used to having vast troves of info and decklists online so I’ve been really saddened that your blog hasn’t been as applicable to the general game in the last six months.

        • Alice

          reply Alice ,

          You should be more rigorous: the skills are more balanced not the cards as a whole. To wit, some are a bit under par even. However, I take issue with the statement that implies they should be analyzed just because there are many of them. This is being done mostly because I’ve come up with a way to “not expressly forbid it” rather than a way to “allow it” if you get my meaning.

          Trust me, just because I analyze their skills does NOT mean any of my decks will be working with the boringvanilla 13k meta. It will make almost zero difference in that meta that I decided to write up the skills if people aren’t just playing The End/MLB. Lastly, while I thank you for the flattery, I’ve had to mention on more than one occasion that I should not be held to some extreme standard by the readers to do literally everything they want. Since I run this blog out of my own pocket and time, I only do things that at least I don’t hate, if not try to do things I also like. Absolutely nothing anyone says can change the fact that I won’t do something I hate.

          While I appreciate the trouble new players are going to have in this meta, I also don’t see it as a special case. Everyone will have trouble in this meta since making every deck the same except for 5 cards is going to cause triggers and chance to play a much more major role even if no one cares that mostly vanilla units are being played (think how League of Legends matches are decided in the first 10 minutes due to over-homogenizing).

          I hope you continue reading and enjoying yourself as well as learning.

          • coto ,

            I stand by my statement that the newer ones (and by that I mean the BT-08/BT-09 since we’re discussing English) are more balanced because I wasn’t referring to the defense factor. Also, the implication in which you’re referring is one that I did not intend. My point was simply that they should be analyzed because they do exist and have been ignored even though they are potentially viable as standalone units.

            • Alice

              Alice ,

              No I’m just saying you have to be really specific and rigorous around here or people will misread you. Believe me, it happens to every word I write.

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