Epic Vigilance Set

This is a custom fan-made set that has been playtested to work with all current sets of Epic Card Game (Tyrants + Uprising + Pantheon). Epic Vigilance brings more dinosaur support, special ritual cards that require great skill to play effectively, champion buffing, and more triple-effect cards! Click each image for a very large card. Cards are made with my Epic Custom Card Template. It is heavily recommended to enjoy Vigilance with the Lightning Epic variant rules. This set is still in testing, but you’re free to print it out or share it with your friends.

Changelog (Newest: 11-29-18)


If the pictures below don’t match the changelog, try clearing your browser cache! I will always keep the PDF up-to-date with the latest gameplay changes below. Non-gameplay changes will have to wait until a gameplay update.


  • Sharpshooter second ability now has an arrow [non-gameplay]
  • Dark Angel flavor text typo fixed [non-gameplay]


  • Dark Contract now “If it’s your turn,…” to differentiate it with Go Wild.


  • Disciplined Vigilance rarity fixed, now common.
  • Ritual of the Moon now deals 4 damage to give a better jump start.
  • Tactics and Strategy is now doesn’t expend champions. It’s part of Lying in Wait + part of Feint.


  • Prey on the Weak buffed to 4 damage and gain 2 health. Now comparable to Spike Trap.
  • Hunting Team nerfed by removing bottom ability. Rebalanced the way wolves are distributed.
  • Anger of the Land Garmor effect changed to be Hunting Team’s old bottom ability. Added Loyalty X for symmetry with the other Titans.
  • Feral Bushwhack changes the draw on your turn to Recycle
  • Giganotosaurus now draws and shrinks everything when broken
  • Helpful Faeling now has ambush
  • Carnotaurus is now 8/8


  • Cat Familiar untargetable and ambush were making the card oppressive; removed


  • Lotus Angel illustrator misattribution fixed [Non-gameplay]
  • Hyperia, the Ruler changed Untargetable on your turn to Unbanishable, removed ability to grant Righteous, added ability to grant Blitz or Unbreakable. Was previously too specialized and dependent on other cards, but too problematic when she worked
  • Tactics and Strategy nerfed to “expends two champions” instead of the “banishes a champion” part
  • Whirlwind reworked entirely to serve as a limited Reset with partial Surprise Attack
  • Djinn of Wonders expend reworked to now have an extra cost, put less counters, and gain gold. (Fills +1 gold quota when Whirlwind was changed)
  • Unleashed Malevolence buffed to prepare a champion. Was a bad Rage with gold cost before
  • Dark Contract buffed to grant two counters and pure Recycle
  • Dark Sorcerer changed to constant debuff-granting instead of single-target
  • Blade of Doom buffed to deal 3 damage and nerfed to require banishing another event to recall. Less reliable but more potent
  • Feral Bushwhack patter fixed to match Epic style [Non-gameplay]


  • Giganotosaurus patter updated to match Pantheon-style wording [Non-gameplay]
  • Lotus Angel patter typo fixed [Non-gameplay]


  • Ritual of the Sun nerfed to only place half as many +1/+1 counters
  • Lotus Angel patter updated to match Pantheon-style wording [Non-gameplay]


  • Disciplined Vigilance debuffed to require silver champions
  • Anger of the Land Garmor changed to give a 1 from the top three of deck
  • Whirlwind’s draw changed to give sage gold
  • Ritual of the Sun only grants counters to one champion now and replaces untargetable with unbanishable
  • Ritual of the Moon changed from life to Zombie tokens
  • Hyperia’s Whim changed from breakthrough to +3 OFF


  • Sharpshooter rebalanced speed/damage
  • Chariots of Iron italic text changed to forbid reusing Righteous


  • Fairy Saboteur (now called Glade Siren) rebalanced ally ability to “Expend target champion.”
  • Mavina’s Archives discard amount reduced to ten cards.