• How it started

    V-Mundi is a website for competitive game analysis. It began in April 2012 on Google’s Blogger platform to help new Cardfight Vanguard players become advanced at the game. As that game matured, so too did V-Mundi—ultimately reaching a satisfactory level of analysis for Vanguard.

  • Who we are

    In addition to our other hobbies, V-Mundi writers and supporters are primarily game enthusiasts. Many of us play a variety of card games, designer board games and video games, usually on some level of competition. We strive to be excellent in everything we do and play.

  • What we support

    The site supports competitive analysis for the following games actively, though we’re always seeking new authors for other games. The primary type of game that we support are traditional card games that have some level of collectivity or expandability with a constructed format. This includes but isn’t limited to ECGs, LCG (same as an ECG), TCGs and CCGs. Find a list of our current games below, including some of our own:

    • Digimon Battles
  • What we do

    The specific way that games are supported here has a lot to do with math. Probability, economic theory and Game Theory are all standard tools of the trade on V-Mundi and we leverage these powerful tools of mathematics to give ourselves and our readers an edge in the games. By making this information open to the public, anyone can better their own skills. A lot of testing and math goes into each of the serious analysis articles here.

    In addition, we also design card and role-playing games for others to enjoy. For card games, our platform of choice is Tabletop Simulator.

  • Our goals

    V-Mundi stands firm behind the idea that all players want to be recognized in some way, whether it’s by their unique deck choices, personal flair, or winning games. Since we can help with winning, we want to leverage powerful tools of math to help all players increase their abilities within a game and compete at higher levels. We strive to support as much as possible without dropping the quality. And we hope to present well-designed games for players who are interested.