Digimon Battle Evolution FAQ Erratas & Rulings

In a perfect world, this page would be blank. Instead, we live in the world where an excited fan girl made a spinoff game—nothing’s perfect. Find below a list of FAQs, Rulings, and Erratas to various cards and effects in the game. For fixes that require a card to be changed and re-uploaded, I generally wait until a new set is being released so that all the changes can be made at once.

Be sure to leave a comment below if you have questions or think you’ve found a mistake!


TOY14 – Clown Trick: Can I use this in response to an opponent playing any card for any reason, such as a new Level R active, or evolution Future, then void the whole card and trash it?

Answer: No. Clown Trick specifies that it will only void cards which are DATA, SUPPORT, EVOLVE, or EFFECT. If something doesn’t exist as one of those timings (i.e. being played as that timing), then it can’t be played in response. Trashing the card is just a reminder to players, which is especially useful in situations where their support for turn is voided, and the opponent doesn’t realize Clown Trick is supposed to put that card in their hand (by recycling it and having them draw it). Normally trashing happens at the End phase, but Clown Trick ensures they can try to get it back. This is beneficial to the opponent on the face of it.

Can Clown Trick be played as Any Phase?

Answer: No. Clown Trick has EFFECT timing, which specifies when the opponent plays a card. For instance, if you want to get the “Void Opponent Any Phase cards and Digimon effects” effect, it must be played in response to a card (not necessarily the Any Phase card, since this voids future plays as well), or as a Support for turn as usual. Reminder, all cards are playable as Supports but misfire if their effects are irrelevant.

If I support first and use some Firewall, but my opponent responds with Clown Trick, can they still support for turn and which card do I void?

Answer: When two voids exist at the same time, both activate simultaneously, regardless of anything else. If Clown Trick is played at the same time that player’s “play a Support” step of the phase comes up, Clown Trick’s new EFFECT timing is considered SUPPORT, so the player is allowed to choose if it’s their one and only Support for turn or in response to your Firewall. In either case, immediately resolve the void conflict as per Support Phase rule 5.1. Also per this rule, the turn-player would be allowed to resolve first and void the other card. If you supported first, it’s probably their turn, so the Clown Trick player usually gets to void your non-voiding effects on your Firewall, and then you do the same for them. Trickily, this means they can still play a Support for their turn and resolve it, with your Firewall being unable to void again as it’s already used.

BR195 – Cherrymon’s Mist: Does this card, which states “…supported from the deck” include Options and Support effects that pull a card from the deck as support or only the top of the deck?

Answer: It forces trashing in all instances of supporting from the deck instead of the hand, including if the card is not voidable.

BR092 – Mastemon: When does her “Activate” cost get paid?

Answer: As usual, “When you…” activates, it will be when the need arises. Since attacks are revealed after Supports would resolve, you must reveal your circle early to pay her cost of discarding your facedown support before it goes face-up. This is the same as with “Jamming”, where Cross must be revealed before the Support is resolved. If you miss this opportunity, the cost is considered voluntarily not paid.

EX038 – Penguinmon: Does “same type” refer to the Penguinmon or your active zone?

Answer: The Penguinmon. You will need an active Digimon that can evolve naturally to a Wind or Marine type (no evo box).

EX069 – Potty Boat & BR164 Level Crush: What is the difference between “Downgrade” and deleting a Digimon from the active zone?

Answer: Level Crush’s “downgrade” is a special effect that works exactly like evolution but in reverse. Instead of adding a card, you remove the top non-R card of the zone ignoring all requirements, which resets your current HP just like evolution. Potty Boat deletes the top Digimon in the active (that is not an R-level) and the HP remains the same since HP never changes until you evolve, take damage or an effect modifies it.

DB013 – Biyomon: Do you have to pay the DP cost to evolve?

Answer: No. DP costs are only paid when evolving with DP during the Evolution Phase. Biyomon makes a series of validity checks that are similar to evolution, but are just an effect. “Evolve” in this case is shorthand for place it on top of the active zone and reset all stats.


Jamming: Jamming does stop “Counter Cross” and “Cross to 0” effects. If it is the effect of an attack (Circle, Triangle, Cross) or a Support from a Digimon card. It does not stop this effect from an Option card, however.

BR130 – Etemon: “As Evolved” means that you do not put him on as abnormal and do reset HP and that it counts as “evolving” during this phase. Etemon is an effect evolution and therefore only requires what he specifies (type) and what what is omitted (level, DP). As usual, evolution must progress to a higher level, not the same or lower regardless of this effect. A player could partner evolve during the Prep Phase and then use Etemon’s “EFFECT” timing to evolve to Etemon in the Evolution Phase.

DB020 – Death Evolution: When Death Evolution exists as supported, but before the support phase begins, it still counts as a normal “void” card in the support zone (and counts as that player’s 1 support for the turn as long as it’s in the Support Zone before support effects resolve). If another, voidable card, is played during support phase, Death Evolution can void it; regardless if it’s played during the first step “Any Support Phase” timing, or later as the support for turn of the other player. So if a player has Death Evolution and another player starts the Support Phase with Digi-Diamond, Death Evolution can immediately void it. This game has no concept of “faster” or “slower” cards, only whether something is valid during a certain timing. This goes for anything that can void Digi-Diamond as if it were played as support, and it already exists before the Digi-Diamond is played. IMPORTANT: Since “Supports” are only discarded from that zone after the normal phase resolution, but “Any Phase” timing cards are immediately trashed after resolving, both Digi-Diamond and Death Evolution will be trashed after the void resolves, due to Death Evolution resolving during the “Any Phase” portion. However, if Digi-Diamond is played as Support, neither will immediately be trashed when resolving. Any card with “Any Phase” timing must take on the timing of the phase they are played in. For the Support phase, that gives them “Support Phase” timing, which allows them to be voided as if they were printed “SUPPORT”. Reminder that any time any two voids exist and can both void each other, they do immediately check for resolution. So a sitting Death Evolution will immediately be triggered if the opponent supports with a Firewall, and the turn player resolves first.


Erratas shall be treated as the fix listed below until the TTS module gets an update. They will be removed from this list at that time and added to the patch notes. Before each explanation is a “why” in italics. Sometimes it’s just a typo, with the original intention meant to be the following errata or sometimes testing has occurred and determined that there was an imbalance.