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Digimon Battle Evolution is a Digimon card game for two players made by me. Based on the Playstation 1 title “Digimon World: Digital Card Battles” with several changed and updated rules, many altered cards (plus new cards) and completely new game features and concepts. Pick a powerful partner Digimon that easily evolves. Play a deck containing any of eight types of Digimon, or mix-and-match types.

Each player will send out their Digimon, evolve, and support them with their own cards. The Digimon battle until one player achieves 4 KOs! Digimon Battle Evolution is an Expandable Card Game, (ECG) and is free for life. Several expansion sets are currently planned.

Right now, you can print the cards for play or download the module on Tabletop Simulator to play digitally.

Print & Play

Follow this process if you’d like to print out the cards and play with them. Note: I will not be able to organize a printable version of the full 500+ unique cards (with different printable counts), since it is quite difficult. I suggest that you start with a deck list and print only those cards. More detailed version of these steps including starter decks here.

  1. Save any card images from this site’s Card Gallery
  2. Download TCG Proxy Generator (Windows / Mac OS)
  3. Open the Proxy Generator application
  4. Drag cards you saved into the application on the upper-right corner as it instructs. Fill the page and you can click “Next Page” to make more.
  5. Check any options you want and press “Print” when done. Save the filename with the “.pdf” extension, since it’s not set by default.
  6. Open the PDF you created in a viewer such as Adobe Reader and print it (usually on normal copy paper).
  7. The resulting print should be a 3×3 cards page (or pages) where each card is 2.5″ by 3.5″. Cut those cards out.
  8. Take card sleeves that are Standard poker size (such as Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon) and slip these printed cards and some sort of other game card into the sleeve.
  9. Play!

Download & Play





Or search “Digimon Battle Evolution” in the Steam Workshop for TTS.

If you are unfamiliar with Tabletop Simulator, it is a software purchasable on Steam that allows modular tabletop gaming. It’s pretty cheap and I urge everyone to get a copy, not the least because it will be required to play Digimon Battle Evolution with VMundi players online (it also can play Magic the Gathering, or just about any tabletop game you can think of). It usually goes on sale for $10.

This module comes with a two-player setup ready to go. One side will take control of the partner Agumon and the Dragon deck. It fights ferociously, showing no mercy with increased power. The other side will partner with Gabumon and the Nature deck. It fights tactically, trying to keep its health up and win a war of attrition. These decks are tested and balanced against each other, while also serving as a jumping-off point for players to construct their own decks.

The cards for construction are sorted by type and are fully searchable! The base set features 200 different cards to get started. The game has way more than this now though.

Get it on OCTGN (discontinued)

DISCONTINUED. Right now, we are not supporting OCTGN and it is severely out of date. The reason for this is that OCTGN was less popular in use and is very difficult and time-consuming to create releases for, and inexcusably annoying to host packages. OCTGN support will come back if I ever create a script to convert all my changes to its XML format and quickly host the changed package.

OCTGN is a card game simulator that’s fully free to download. It’s a pain to develop for (many reasons), so this may not always be perfectly up-to-date. For this reason, always go by the Erratas page and the actual card images, not just the text files.

Getting the game on OCTGN isn’t as simple as downloading and installing the software, because nothing is ever simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Download the OCTGN program for Windows:
  2. You don’t need a user account for peer-to-peer, but you can create one if you wish.
  3. Go to Games Manager ▶ Add Game Feed (see thumbnail above)
  4. Name it something like “VMundi” and paste in this feed URL:
  5. Press “Add” and then either scroll down to “Digimon Battle Evolution” which should show up in your new feed list, or use the dropdown and change to “VMundi”
  6. Press “Install” and wait a while. The package is around 150MB at launch (card games = images), but will grow over time.

OCTGN Caveats:

  • It is no longer being developed at this time.
  • Like TTS, we don’t currently have a way to deck-check before you get to the game. So you’ll need to operate on legality honor system. See if you comply here.
  • OCTGN currently has no scripts. This means doing Trashing/Recycling and so on by hand.
  • It can use filters and advanced searching! For this reason, it’s recommended even if you prefer TTS, since the deckbuilding is more fluid and streamlined.
  • It may break from time to time.


The rules are included with the TTS module, but may also be read on this site,

 Read the rules

Digimon Types

There are eight Digimon types: Dragon, Jungle, Marine, Metal, Enigma, Wind, Nightmare and Nature. Each one seeks to introduce unique mechanics as well as use some global mechanics (or borrowed mechanics at less potency).

  • Gallery of Dragon Type
    Dragon type are Digimon with unusually high base attack Power as well as several effects that tend to raise power as much as or higher than Options, usually for staying within Dragon typing. They sport lower HP than average and virtually no Drain or Crash. There’s a small amount of First Attack and attack-type control. Overall, they tend to branch into other colors very well even when ignoring the numerous dual-types.

  • Gallery of Jungle Type
    Jungle type Digimon have two sub-strategies, one from plants which relies on using their relatively low power with Drain to keep a constant amount of HP, surviving during harsh opponent turns to increase the likelihood of evolution. The second is for most of the insect types which relies on stamping out opponent effects while giving a boatload of DP for super fast evolution. As such, Jungle Digimon tend to refill their HP (evolving), increase their base power (evolving) and jam out opposing effects all very quickly. While speed and slightly higher than average longevity is their strong suit, Jungle Digimon lack hard-hitting numbers that make them a formidable threat. Most of their KO-winning damage will come from pure endurance or Options.

  • Gallery of Marine Type
    Marine type Digimon have very high base HP and tend to prefer direct HP recovery and longevity for a pure endurance match. This allows them to slow-roll their evolutions, keeping a constant HP-refill game going. Their strength is HP-refreshing rhythm. Many of these Digimon have both a severe lack of DP (or high cost), making evolution slow and also a low direct damage potential. This causes Marine to be a slow tank of an inevitability engine.

  • Gallery of Metal Type
    Metal type Digimon have high base HP but tend to use their own HP as costs for various devastating effects. This makes them difficult to blindly top-deck (whereas most colors can reliably topdeck 4/5 times). With a huge prominence of Crash, expect to skirt the edge of danger frequently, using your high HP and high damage (but always one at the cost of the other) to tank out for a while and then blow opponents away. With a medium to low evolution speed, Metal must often rely on DNA at U-level and low-cost C-levels to keep pace with other decks. Metal also features heavy branching into other types.

  • Gallery of Nature Type
    Nature type tends to have a very tactical play style. They receive a grab-bag of bonuses (high Power, HP refilling, evolution speed, etc) as well as feature heavily in protective effects (Attack to 0; Counter) but only when the user can meet conditions. Given the number of exclusive conditions each card may require, there is almost always more than one that will fit any given moment and so taking advantage of Nature’s versatility and flexibility is up to the user. This benefit is also a weakness, as the wrong hand combinations are more likely to appear, causing mulligans (weakness: own deck destruction). As such, top-decking can be a dud with them, though it’s almost never detrimental. Use protection effects to hold out until the right moment, and then gain tactical benefits that incrementally widen the gap between you and the opponent. They have a mix between high HP bodies (with low Power) or high power with medium to low HP.

  • Gallery of Nightmare Type
    Nightmare is hatred. “Type hate” or “color hate” refers to the act of hamstringing an opponent or gaining an effect when the opponent is a certain type, which Nightmare does exceedingly well. Their HP is low but all over the place (and compensates Power when it’s high), their power is erratic, and some of their effects are intensely devastating…to both players. Nightmare requires paying serious attention to the board state and almost never top-decking. Several cards will limit the opponent severely, such as changing their type to Enigma (or Nightmare) to limit evolution and set them up to take a big hit from Nightmare’s Enigma-hate. Many effects cause own-deck destruction as a cost but have a commensurate benefit as well. Playing Nightmare means having access to Drain on top of Crash. Their high benefits are offset by equally high costs, as not only are their effects sometimes double-edged but their evolutions are rather slow. Nightmare features one of the extremely few instances of Counter Cross.

  • Gallery of Wind Type
    Wind type Digimon excel in being the first to attack, even on the opponent’s turn. With copious speed (both in evolution and in attack), Wind attempt to get ahead of the opponent and do it fast. Their main draw is that many of the cards have conditional branches, where a primary effect may be acquired based on some condition but if it fails, you still always get some small reward. This plays similarly to Nature’s tactical play except Wind can always afford to top-deck, as they know they get at least something for their efforts. Usually, they have below average HP but high Power. Wind is a very effect and speed-heavy typing with the most extreme consistency.

  • Gallery of Enigma Type
    Enigma are a rebirth of the Unknown Legion Digimon. Anything from a recolor, to an oddity, to a pure warrior would fit here. Enigma Digimon typically have obscure properties, especially being effect-heavy. They excel at voiding opponent’s supports and keeping them hazed into oblivion. In addition, they can generate easy card advantage from draws and opponent-discard effects. Some force the opponent to destroy their deck for a fast win payoff—which they need, since many of their Digimon have average HP and low Power (but not all). With low evolution speed, limited access to 1st Attack, low power (some) and average HP (some), Enigma work carefully to use thinking-outside-the-box solutions. One is to destroy an opponent’s deck before they’ve been able to play 4 Digimon, allowing you to win with fewer KOs needed. Another is to constantly deprive the opponent of DP and cards in hand while amassing your own hand to keep your options numerous and theirs few. Once Enigma Digimon reach Ultimate level, they unlock truly powerful bodies.


    Gallery of Evolution cards


    Gallery of Option cards

Please leave questions and comments below. Technically you could print them all since the cards are in those galleries. If you do, set to CMYK and 300DPI. Should be the same size as Standard (Magic the Gathering) sleeves.

Alice White

Alice is the webmaster of VMundi, author, and editor. She has over 11 years of publishing experience writing articles for various self-run sites. Her interests include game design, writing romance fiction, economics, Game Theory, graphical design, and mathematics.

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    Hi! Really a beautiful work done here, and I´ve just discovered it while searching for an alternative rules to the classic Digi-Battle card game that could be a little similar to the PS1 version, which I love.
    BTW, have you designed any back (Dorso) for the printing card? I can´t imagine the reverse of the card the same as the original Digi-Battle game. I would like to have it so I can print all the cards with the back included :)

  • reply Craig ,

    Have you put any thought into going mobile and not putting it in the app store? Kinda like what

    • Alice White

      reply Alice White ,

      Sure if I could develop an app that complicated.

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      could we have a blank template as we want to print this off and play however were all fusion fans. Or could u develop some sort of auto card making like the yugioh card maker

      • Alice White

        reply Alice White ,

        I’m usually soooo receptive to making blank templates available. But this one is embarrassingly tough to use. Huge PSD and I don’t even have a proper template with every feature anymore due to weird mistakes I made.

        Which is why I make so few cards :(
        Which is why I wanted to create a data-driven card maker that goes from CSV to Adobe Indesign and loads a lot of features in automatically. In fact this was a prototype image:

        It obviously has issues still but unfortuantely, the .indd file was lost to me so I can’t finish this unless I start over. It’s why I’m so loath to do work on the broken existing template when it would just be wasted effort for a better one.

        As for an automated web version, I originally wanted to build that after making the data-driven In-Design template for my own use since it would be easier this way. I also apologize to all fusion CCG players for blatantly ripping (worse) their card frame lol. This game was originally just a fun pet project for my then girlfriend.

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          Update years later…


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