Digimon COTD: Concert Crash

Concert Crash makes your power the same as your HP then halves your HP.

What’s good about it: It gives you Crash without your Health being reduced to 10. Unlike Crash, if your HP changes, your power will not. Since it affects all Power, not just cross like crash, this can be used with other cross abilities such as x3 VS, Jamming, 1st Attack, and Drain. In particular, 1st Attack is a devastating auto-kill from any situation. If you can hit the opponent with a big attack, then use 1st Attack + Concert Crash the next turn, it’s like your Power was the combined total of the two. With Drain, it’s absolutely busted since there’s no actual cost once you hit. A x3VS with your HP as power is overkill to the maximum. Jamming with such high Power is incredibly strong, since it makes you effectively uncounterable so you won’t hit yourself with your own HP, can’t be 1st Attacked if you’re abusing the “halve HP” cost while at low HP, and any Digimon support that would interfere with such a huge gambit is dead. Another ridiculous attack ability pairing is Grudge + Concert Crash. Assuming your opponent plays right into the Grudge and KOs you, you will revive for double the HP you started with, not your halved HP or original HP! If you don’t get KO’d, it’s even better since that means you get double your HP as power. Concert is also a proxy, which makes it a great choice for decks with [card img=”https://www.v-mundi.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/183-Partner-Finder.png” name=”Partner Finder”] or for partners that have some form of HP protection as their main support, to cover all bases.

What’s bad about it: The HP reduction happens before any attack, making it harder to use on your opponents turn. The card is not just bad to use when your HP is low, it’s even more dangerous than Crash (because your HP is lowered before attacks). Awful card if your used attack has Counter or Crash.

Tips: It is best to play this when you can get a KO—high health Digimon make this far more likely, while Digimon with 1st Attack make it easier to use on your opponents turn. Decks that are specialized for Crash can use this to survive Crash attacks they otherwise wouldn’t. If you have [card img=”https://www.v-mundi.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/019-Olegmon.png” name=”Olegmon”] Level M, you can pay -300 HP instead of half and it’s unvoidable, making this a bomb you can detonate with no blowback. If this is played after [card img=”https://www.v-mundi.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/164-Level-Crush.png” name=”Level Crush”], it’s almost guaranteed to KO any opponent instantly and “halving” your HP in that instance just means going back to normal. [card img=”https://www.v-mundi.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/018-ZeedMillenniummon.png” name=”Zeedmillenniumon”] has the highest printed HP in the game of 3000 and can search this card, making it a guaranteed KO in every normal situation, and can be used with its Jamming or Corrupt. If the other searched card is also massive HP recovery, Zeed can bounce back from the cost.

A vanilla but devastating Level M for this card is [card img=”https://www.v-mundi.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/161-Saberleormon.png” name=”Saberleomon”]—it has 1st Attack for use with Concert Crash but then an Activate that makes the opponent’s Power 0 for the same cost of halving HP. At that point, it’s just entirely dodging the cost, since it can pummel with 770 more Power. With 1950 HP, a good case scenario is 1950 damage 1st Attack for KO, then get unopposed victory bonus, then a riskless 770 Power attack when the opponent fields a new Digimon, followed by 770 again on your own turn for a very likely 2KOs. [card img=”https://www.v-mundi.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/026-SnowGoblimon.png” name=”Snowgoblimon”] has the highest Level R HP: 780. This is a highly solid attack, made marginally better by its Shatter 100 which will still reduce incoming damage by 100 (and trash an attach), making the halved HP of 390 more like 490 for the consideration of an opponent striking back.

[card img=”https://www.v-mundi.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/093-Whamon.png” name=”Whamon”] has the highest Level C HP: 1300. With its considerably strong added support of Jamming, Whamon can smash most Level Us and anything below for a KO, while ensuring no interference from Digimon supports or cross abilities. Its remaining HP of 650 isn’t as bad as Crash, since it’s not a guaranteed KO-trade. Therefore, Concert Crash is well-paired with Evolution cards such as [card img=”https://www.v-mundi.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/167-Mutate.png” name=”Mutate”], since you can simply reset your HP after an attack on the opponent’s turn (Concert can do well there if it doesn’t kill you).

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