Digimon COTD: ShogunGekomon

ShogunGekomon, Is an Ultimate level Digimon with an exceptional body and a support that searches for a Champion.

What’s good about it: Shogungekomon’s strong combination of a good HP, solid attack power distribution, and the powerful attack being , makes it a difficult opponent to contend. Adding Drain to this mix means the Shogun can stall and support for quite a while if it becomes outmatched. Generally, any Digimon with a high is tough to beat since you can’t rely on as many tricks. Combine this with the ability to search out Champions to charge DP, exploit Nature’s tactical, well, nature, and you have yourself a recipe for a solid toolbox.

What’s bad about itHaving Drain is a two-edged sword most of the time; it usually means your printed HP is going to be a bit lower than comparably-costed Digimon. Shogungekomon is no exception here—1400 HP puts him right about where a 40 cost Ultimate with Drain should be and no higher. This means most other Ultimates of the same cost are going to steamroll him if he doesn’t commit to Drain in order to hang on until an appropriate support comes along to assist. Additionally, the Champion you search is one your opponent now knows about, so it could be played around if you choose poorly or get stuck in a bad spot.

Tips: Keep an eye out for “Also counts as  type” in other printed frame colors like Monochromon. Make sure you load up your deck with a few reliable Champions that are hard to punish, such as Drimogemon, Galgomon, or Garurumon. Make sure you set up a clear role for evolving to Shogungekomon—using the DP bonus, DNA or neither; otherwise your Champion selection might interfere. Don’t get caught in a Drain-lock for too long, where you can’t afford to play anything but Drain and nothing is fixing it—take a few mulligans to get out of it and start coming back.

Zoey White

Zoey is an avid gamer, loves math, art, and game design. She has 7 years of experience in competitive card games and competed on a regional level in Magic the Gathering. She helps out Alice by testing and building decks, and occasionally writes content for VMundi.

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