Digimon COTD: Witchmon

Witchmon is a  Champion that Boosts Power and can evolve to types.

What’s good about it: to zero” is one of the rarest abilities in the game—it shuts down Cross-reliant Digimon and strategies like “Drain”, “x3 VS” and “1st Attack”. “Attacks cannot be countered” is powerful and not found on any other champions, so far. +30P is higher than average, helping speed up evolution. Evolving to  type lets you play “Angewomon” for “Mastemon” decks, and other / crossover decks.

What’s bad about it: It’s not fully , so it can’t evolve from . Witchmon’s support reduces both and to 0, making top-deck supporting risky.

Tips: This card is a tactical choice for your Destiny Zone If your partner is BKGatomon. Witchmon’s support ability plays well with Cross abilities like “x3 VS”, “1st Attack” and “Drain”.

Zoey White

Zoey is an avid gamer, loves math, art, and game design. She has 7 years of experience in competitive card games and competed on a regional level in Magic the Gathering. She helps out Alice by testing and building decks, and occasionally writes content for VMundi.

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