Digimon COTD: Gold Treasure

Gold Treasure—An Option that helps get almost any Digimon in own deck.

What’s good about it: Gold Treasure can fetch you a Digimon for evolution; DNA materials; or you can be cheeky and use it to toolbox supports. The card you search just needs to be related to your active somehow, in the evolution “network”. For example: the same-type. A Digimon with your active’s name in its evo-box is also in-network.

What’s bad about it: This card is a utility card—it helps you for the next turn, not this one. It’s not completely unrestricted like [card img=”https://www.v-mundi.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/041-Mastertyrannomon.png” name=”Mastertyrannomon”] special evo-box bonus.

Tips: Gold Treasure can let you run a wider variety of Champions and Ultimates in your deck and toolbox them for support and evolution box effects. That’s especially useful for Nature type, since they have very powerful Digimon supports that are situational; so you can just pick whatever is right for the situation. It’s also really helpful for setting up DNA evolution for Ultimates and Megas. For most decks, this might as well say “Take 1 Digimon in own deck”, since the conditions only fail to cover abusable cases. This card has nearly endless use-cases for making combos. One especially useful way to shore up its slow speed weakness is to take a Digimon with an “Any Phase” speed, such as Redotamamon.

Alice White

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