Digimon COTD: Incubator

Incubator—An Evolution that attaches a card from your deck while evolving.

What’s good about it: Incubator lets you set up your newly-evolved Digimon for a much more fruitful lifespan right out of the box. It replaces itself after you use it, with the handy draw 1. Since you’re evolving by DP to use the effect, it also stacks with the effect of Super Tag. This is easily one of the best toolbox cards in the game due Evolutions being nearly unvoidable, and this ignores types. Extremely powerful combos that would normally be forbidden are allowed due to ignoring type, and it’s incredibly consistent since the attach comes from the deck. Unlike most Evolutions, you can use this with Level M and pair it up with a combo attach. If you have any attachments, including if the opponent does, you can trash them for help evolving.

What’s bad about it: Can’t attach Aces. Can’t ignore non-type requirements such as level. This card is an Evolution that gives you no discounts unless you or the opponent already has an attachment. Useless with Purity Mask or cards like it. You can’t use it on any Digimon that is not actually evolving right then, including abnormals. You won’t get the flash effect when attaching; the one you’d get if you support with the card to attach.

Tips: Be sure to take advantage of its opponent attachment killing, or use with negative attachments like Dark Evolve or Purity Mask. Pair this with the Mastery Toy Chest for maximum use of its limits and DP cost reduction. Using several different attachments can really help Incubator shine—any of the Crests and Stardom are a good starting point. Super Tag with this lets you keep your DP with the attach. Remember, look for the words “Attach to…” for cards that don’t have a type. Not just anything can be attached, you know! Moxie and Love Crest pairs incredibly well due to the odd wording: “after playing a Future, attach…” which is before you actually evolve—therefore these cards will activate an evo-bonus which may assist with evolution (or double your evo-bonuses). With any “Slots +1” effect, Incubator sets up attach combos very quickly that are normally impossible, especially if they require different types.

An example is Gorgon + Flarelizamon to get Cross +100, Circle Grudge, and 1st Attack which can allow you to have an incredibly powerful Grudge that gets both effects (due to you attacking first with double power, plus getting hit after and KO’d for huge revival). Another is using Incubator to attach Clearagumon, then Support to attach Magic Word. With this combo, every time both attacks are different, void opponent’s Digimon support, then Static 3. Going even further, combine Slots +1 with evo-bonuses that attach like Orochimon and Chaosdukemon for instant-combos! A Level M combo that’s fairly solid is Jijimon + Purity Crest. When you don’t mulligan, you draw 2 (with no max hand size, and you may have already drawn 2 due to Prep Phase).

Alice White

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