Digimon COTD: Mutate

Mutate allows you to evolve to the same level and heal.

What’s good about it: This card allows you to refresh HP, evolve from the Abnormal state, and removes Type restrictions when evolving. You can quickly evolve to a Champion or Ultimate by playing one as abnormal, then “Mutating” into the same level. It even treats Level M as U for the purposes of “same-level” evolution, just like in the PS1 game. You still get an evo-bonus, which means you can play abnormal, Mutate to another of the same level, and get an evo-bonus.

What’s bad about it: Mutate requires DP, gives no discounts outside of evo-bonuses, and you can’t (really) change level with it.

Tips: It is absolutely great for stalling strategies, letting you refresh your Active Digimon. This card allows you to run a higher number of C/U Digimon—especially when paired with other Evolve cards like [card img=”https://www.v-mundi.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/164-Level-Crush.png” name=”Level Crush”] and [card img=”https://www.v-mundi.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/166-D-Link.png” name=”D-link”]. It’s not as good as Level Crush for the pure purposes of saving the Level M from giving up 2KOs, not as good as D-Link for pure abnormal evolution due to no DP discount. But D-Link can’t be used with Level M since they can’t go “up” anymore, and Level Crush can’t be used to reset yourself to a Digimon of the same power level as well as Mutate. It blends the two cards purposes together and provides an extremely fast and stable reset for the active. Mutate also acts as a supplement for the other two cards if they’re part of a primary strategy. Since you can only have 2 copies of any Evolution card, a deck with heavy D-Link focus to quickly evolve to Level U is more effective if it can make use of Level U hand flooding that might occur—a job which Mutate does. It’s also good in any deck where you might get flooded with the same Level. Shogungekomon‘s Level C search pushes those decks to play more Level C, which Mutate can stop from being a weakness. A last-minute Mutate to a Digimon with the appropriate x3VS ability can turn the tables significantly. In that situation, you can evolve at a normal pace to not give up your power, then Mutate later to fix the current digimon with one you prefer. In that way, it also acts as a small DNA fixer and a way to get an evo-bonus when you otherwise couldn’t (both for same-level evolution and for changing the current active’s name for a later evolution). Since Digimon of Level U are very powerful, Mutate works extra well on these and you’re not limited by their Ruler property.

Alice White

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