Sep 2022 Errata

There’s a completely new card template being used now which creates huge images. We changed lots of art and most effects. Much of this makes cards closer resemble their original videogame counterparts but made playable. Some are here for better compatibility with Set XD release.

NOTE: The name changes of Alraumon and Biyomon are not reflected on other card’s evo-boxes yet. Please treat those cards as valid for these new names.

  • Alphamon ➤ Art. Evo-bonus Unvoidable ➧ support face-down. Passive recode 1 ➧ 2
  • Flaremon ➤ 3D Art. +P 20 ➧ 10, correct for printed stats. Added conditional 20 +P. “To Zero” ➧ “Guard” wording update
  • Ryudamon ➤ Art. “To Zero” ➧ “Guard” wording update
  • Polymorphic Code ➤ Art. Speed 3 made explicit because unvoidable
  • Palmon ➤ Art
  • Alraunemon ➤ Art. Name “Alraumon” ➧ “Alraunemon”. +P 20 ➧ 10, discourage rack/support-only. Added conditional 30 +P. Added conditional power to encourage fielding this
  • Demidevimon ➤ Art. Support removed halve HP which was unweildy, made it a type buster
  • Piyomon ➤ Art. Name “Biyomon” ➧ “Piyomon”. Stat tweaks to original PS1. Conditional +P removed to discourage rack-only. Support now has conditional draw
  • Mojyamon ➤ Art. Support variable HP recovery ➧ definite as in PS1. Ability Draw 1 ➧ “Guard”. Evo-bonus names for better network. Evo-bonus draw 1 & discard ➧ draw variable or take Level C to give back advantage removed from “Draw 1” ability
  • Doggymon ➤ Art. Swap Deadly and Normal attack power. Evo-bonus names for better network, HP +200 ➧ +100 & trash 2. Support discard 2 ➧ 1, trash 1 ➧ 2. Added conditional guard to encourage fielding+voiding and add tankiness lost by HP bonus reduction
  • Gladimon ➤ Art. Support from -punishing discard 4 ➧ bonus and irreducible power (aka “sharp”). Speed 3 for “unvoidable”-like nature of sharp. Evo-bonus names new network compatible with XD. Stats tweaked and rebalanced for better Deadly at tiny cost of all others
  • Hanumon ➤ Art. +P 20 ➧ 10. Evo-bonus Unvoidable ➧ HP+70, take Level U, boosts only affect self for new 40/+10 weight class. Added conditional 20 +P. Support from Jamming to PS1-like power and conditional draw
  • Gesomon ➤ Art. Stat block was Dolphmon (PS1) ➧ Gesomon (PS1). +P 20 ➧ 10. Added conditional 20 +P. Support was Dolphmon (PS1) ➧ low-power big HP recovery. Evo-bonus Power only for Special attack but opponent can’t play Evolutions. “To Zero” ➧ “Guard” wording update
  • Centaurmon ➤ Art. +P 20 ➧ 10. Added conditional 20 +P. Deadly power reverted to PS1. Evo-bonus Normal attack also gets +50 pow now, HP +150, Draw 2 to compensate for worse printed +P; names changed for better network

Check the card gallery for the full library. Or see below for this one.

Gallery of Changed Art

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