Digimon Errata (Sets BR-EX) Aug-2017

In preparation for set “Data Breakers” which is coming very soon, we have gone over the base set and first expansion yet again. Several cards had their evolution boxes expanded (in preparation), patter streamlined, effects rebalanced, bodies changed, and so much more. Don’t get too excited, it’s mostly just typo fixing and patter updates. For example, any Set EX cards had their “Look at the top X of own deck and put them on the top or bottom in any order” condensed into “Recode X’. Recode is a new keyword for the Data Breakers set, which does as advertised just there. If you need a list to figure out what needs updated in your deck, check the full errata list below:

Check the card gallery to see for yourself.

Errata List
Type listed is the primary printed type only, so you can find it in the Gallery more easily.
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VMundi Changes

VMundi has undergone some changes as of late. The most notable being the theme, which is now responsive, mobile-friendly, retina-friendly and optimized. Also different is the inclusion of more games, which for now is just my own Digimon Battles. The logo is also slightly different, as I lost the original Illustrator file and took this opportunity to remake the brand. Visually, the site is still very similar but functionally, it is different and will continue to become more different.

Vanguard updates will be reduced to only the most important things (not the most commonly played), which will free up time for myself.

New authors will be coming on to help with the increased workload. New games will be supported and my own projects will be posted here.