Royal Domain
  • Huge set! Very very exciting! Royal Domain is a big set we’ve been planning for over a year now which is meant to add a lot of Level M cards to the game as well as Aces. Since these cards are only 1 per deck, they tend to get low priority in most sets and have 0-2 of each. But rule of cool: If it’s cool, downsides be damned, just make it. Even if you’re not likely to see your Mega in a given game, we still worked to make each one feel unique and powerful, besides the fact they compliment play styles in the game.
    • “62” New game cards
    • 12 New Options (2 Proxy)
    • 1 New Mastery
    • “46” New Digimon
    • 3 Evolutions
    • 2 new Flip cards
    • Mimic ability returns
    • Nova counters return
    • 2 cards attach
    • 6 Ace cards
    • 2 Firewall cards
    • So many Megas!
    • Shiny things! Chess!

As the word “Royal” implies, this set contains a few missing Royal Knights like Sleipmon, Dynasmon, Lordknightmon. The total number of  Ruler Digimon and cards for them have gotten a big boost. But of course—this is Royal Domain. We didn’t neglect the other stages of evolution and there are plenty of Rookie cards with a second printing now. No new Datas, we’re sorry :( but we made a playable Venusmon before the official card game! This set took a lot out of us, especially the development phase, so we hope you enjoy.

Useless Trivia

In the middle of this set, better 3D models for some cards dropped. Sometimes we were lucky and hadn’t done the art yet. Other times…well. We didn’t always change it! This set has a heavy Wind focus and pulls the type away from so much “If…if not” style of play and more toward what we call “flash” evo-bonuses. These are the non-permanent kinds. In that respect, we kept each Wind evo-bonus good enough to be at least a Digimon support effect and gave them several ways to activate evo-bonuses. There are a ton of previewed Digimon you’ll see in evo-boxes if you pay attention. These are all planned in future sets. “Fengremon” instead of Fugamon comes from the German word “Fhön” or English “Fhoen”, meaning warm dry wind, which “Fugamon” in the Japanese game represented. Coincidentally, it’s pronounced close enough to “Fun” that I think this explains the mistranslation for “Fanbeemon” as “Funbeemon”. The intent may have been Fhoen! In any case, we chose “Fen” since it’s close enough to pronunciation and not so complex. White Lopmon comes from an episode in the Digimon Xros Wars anime where it helps evolution. Snow Terriermon comes from a Digimon Adventure 02 concept sketch which never made it into the anime, and those colors were ditched for the green seen in the movie. We added magenta eyes to make it somewhat like a snow bunny. We had to manually restore the Kudamon model to its pre-2006 anime version and that was difficult.

We also learned how to rig and that Shadowseraphimon is a very special model from the Frontier anime which has Sephirotmon features all over it…and is rigged manually by us. We hope everyone can figure out Tailmon Level R’s restriction with no question! With the Witchelny mastery and Medievaldukemon, we have finally completed the Witchelny subset we started in the 2020 Halloween promo season. We made each device (chess piece) bust model and effects ourselves and each device featured is also a Digimon included in this set! Note King Device gives +800 Power, same as Cyberdramon? That’s an anime reference to Ryo who uses the card on his Cyberdramon in Tamers (Goliath in the dub). Bancho Evolve is a super weird secret plot line we stuck in the game to reference how Starmon sees Leomon as a hero. But instead of simply becoming Leomon, he is inspired by Bancholeomon’s death and takes a harsh step forward, triggering evolution. Weird, and yet satisfying to make. Jatetsufujinmaru (Tactimon’s sword which always remains sealed) contains a horrifying snake demon inside it which we painted instead of modeled. Professional painters, we are not. Queenchessmon’s pose is based on Boa Hancock. Kingetemon’s pose is based on Captain Morgan but way more flashy.

Medievaldukemon is hopping up to ride its axe-staff like a broom, which is a reference to Witchmon. Tyrantkabuterimon’s real eyes are the tiny ones below the “jaw”. We manually gendered Valkyriemon slightly more feminine because we are both tired of Japanese anime making valkyries masculine (god dammit Beyblade burst). Either do it right or don’t put gender characteristics. Knightmon is a copper recolor for no good reason, it’s just neat. Sistermon Ceil Awaken being released before Noir is not us doing censorship, we just moved Ceil’s release forward after seeing an episode of Ghost Game. Cards in the previous set’s errata were because we made art for those Digimon in this set, like Kabuterimon and Hawkmon.

New Icon & Terms

We added an icon for empty attach slots which looks like a grey hex bolt. This should remove confusion between something that can attach , versus the slot itself. Of course, it would be a huge pain to go back and convert everything that says “Attach slots +X” so it’s just for Royal Domain and going forward.

You’ll notice on Kaisergreymon, it says “normal” as in “Trash any 5 normal”. If you remember from the recent rule change about evo-boxes only being able to take or trash normal cards (non-Ace, non-Firewall, non-Partner) in decks, this will make sense. But it has reminder text in case you forget.

Royal Joust’s “Any Strategy Only” is an unprecedented way to write timings. Instead of playing this during support, you’d play it only during the beginning step of Strategy! And no other time can you play this from your hand as your support for the turn. Of course, effects do not bar this. It will still resolve during Support, so if it happens to end up there from Polymorphic Code or supporting from the top of your deck facedown, it resolves just fine.

Tactimon’s “see own deck” does mean you have permanent x-ray vision of course. You can look through your deck any time without shuffling it. Of course, try to be quick since your opponent may be waiting.

Kingnumemon (Black)’s support says “activate a valid evo-bonus”. A valid evo-bonus is just what it sounds like: one for which you have normal validity, meaning you could’ve activated it if you just evolved. Simply check your active stack for validity.

Platinumemon has “X +P” and this is ten times the number of cards in all players DP zones (counting itself). If you have 1 and the opponent has 2, Platinumemon is 30+P and this changes as soon as any DP zone does. Be aware of that when you use its support and gift it to your opponent’s DP!

Nova counters again!

As a reminder, “Nova counters” can be added to a player’s pool of resources by an effect. They don’t do anything on their own. Tyrantkabuterimon uses Novas for its ACTIVATE effect and gains them from its evo-bonus. Of course, you can use the Supernova mastery to get even more counters to reset your HP more. Try to aim for 7 counters before using the effect if you want to reset to its starting HP. Of course, you can always Crash first… Just don’t try to get more than 10 because you can’t.

Return of the Mimic

Attack ability Mimic is simple but tricky. Mimic gains the ability of the opponent’s ability in your Mimic’s slot. But its Power is the opponent attack listed next to your Mimic. The rules clarify it more but basically a cross ability of Cross Mimic just makes your attack exactly the same as the opponent’s cross in all respect. But your cross ability that’s triangle Mimic actually gives you the opponent’s cross ability and triangle Power.

Cards that Flip

You can check out a detailed explanation on the accompanying post Intro to Flip Cards. We have returning Flip cards: Seraphimon and Ophanimon! Now all 3 archangels are available (Cherubimon was added in Lunar Eclipse).

Try it out! Click the cards and you’ll see how they flip between different sides.

RD Full Spoiler

Gallery of All Cards (Full Layout)

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