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  • And now for the long-awaited third Auxiliary Set, XC! The C is for cats & corona, like the halo of the sun. Auxiliary sets are even smaller than mini sets, typically around 10-12 cards. These focus heavily around a central theme—in this case, Apollomon & related cats. These sorts of sets are really great for adding small supplements to the game in a way that’s easy for us to design and develop over a shorter period of time. The effects in this set allow you to partially mulligan several times in one game and hook into the discards for various other neat effects. This one was super cool to work on and I hope you all enjoy.
    • “17” New game cards
    • 4 New Options (3 Proxy)
    • 2 New Evolutions
    • 1 New Data card
    • 1 New Ace
    • 1 New Mastery
    • 1 New attach
    • 8 New Digimon
    • 1 new Flip card
    • Cats! rawr >:3

Trivia: XB paved the way to make XC a breeze to design and develop. Much of the things we had to painstakingly create for the second Aux set were already available to us here and only needed some creativity, hard math, and lots of development afterward. We had to check several sets ahead for many planned Flip cards to get the requirement on Sol Medallion right; same as Goodnight Sisters from XB. This set was planned about the same time as XB but only implemented and refined around the time of Cyber Junk. The new ACE type in this set is not actually the first one we designed to give a permanent bonus (it’s the 3rd) but it’s the first one we released, more are coming! You can probably tell but Giga Hit and Tamagushi were tacked-on at the end. We had these planned way in the future but the game sorely needed them at this time, so they’re getting an early release at the cost of a slightly bulkier Aux set number. Liamon’s evo-bonus imitates Leomon, the guy who just fights ultimates all day. The XC-000 Coronamon’s support which protects your circle power is something we refer to as “Sharp” when designing. There are a lot of symmetries between XC and XB, try to find them all!

Evolutions with Permanents

While Plug-In M was the first Evolution card to have a  evo-bonus you activate on the card, Brave Heart is the first ACE and result of much planning. We asked, if Evolutions already give flash-like evo-bonuses when played, why not permanent ones? And the ACE is the first truly permanent bonus. It says “activate this evo-bonus until KO’d”. That means you keep it even if you evolve again! Better put it under your active stack so you get credit for the effect. And if you don’t want your opponent getting “flashy” evo-bonuses, just use Liamon!

Flip cards!

You can check out a detailed explanation on the accompanying post Intro to Flip Cards. Just like before, we have a returning Flip card in the form of Apollomon.

Try it out! Click Apollomon and you’ll see how it flips between different sides.

Silly things

Big cats set. Has lions. But did you notice “Sol Medalion” has lion in it? Now you know and I bet you wish you didn’t. Mad Chainsaw is a cat chainsaw since it’s a Chainsaw-like option using Madleomon’s item. We also renamed “Liormon” to be “Leormon” in these evo-bonuses but ran out of time trying to errata them for the release date. Well just know this is the better translation. Meow meow roar.

Play Style?

Skip to the pics if you want the good stuff.

First, grab the mastery Omega. Load up the deck with a ton of new cats to discard and draw. Mulligan often. Use things like Tamagushi or the ACE Reload to stuff cards back into the deck. Use Apollomon (Star) to call your bottom deck and get a ton of power. This way you can make a deck that churns through cards quickly but you don’t deck out. You should be able to essentially use the entire deck as a toolbox. Stardust evolve will help get through the deck even faster. For smaller hits, XC-013 Coronamon can search the deck plus you can discard it for extra DP. Salamander can give a profitable partial mulligan. You can also use the Apollomon data to put 3 cards back into your deck, then recode them to the bottom. If you have a Sol Medallion attached (searchable with Flaremon), you will get +100 Power each time you discard! Just about everything in this set tries to rip cards out of your deck as fast as possible and put back a few so you don’t run out. If you can’t put them back, flip to Apollomon (Rising) and kick your opponent’s butt with a huge trash. Have fun.

XC Full Spoiler

Gallery of All Cards (Full Layout)

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