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  • Another followup set, this time for XC. Before, those murky bunnies got the followup Lunar Eclipse and now the burning cats get Solar Flare! You see what we did there? These follow-up sets are meant to flesh out their partner Auxiliary set (in this case, XC) and have about 15 cards. These are themed but less so than Aux sets in order to bring more variety. There are actually 3 new mechanics in this set, which is probably a record for something so small. The attack ability “Mimic”, the keywords Fast/Slow, and the mechanic Nova counters. We had a lot of fun making all these new cards so we hope you have as much fun playing.
    • “18” New game cards
    • 4 New Options (1 Proxy)
    • 2 New Masteries
    • 1 New attach
    • “12” New Digimon
    • 2 new Flip cards
    • New attack ability Mimic
    • New keywords Fast/Slow
    • New mechanic nova counters
    • Exploooooosions!

Trivia: Originally, Volcamon’s art was going to be a screenshot from Cyber Sleuth because the model hadn’t been ripped yet. During production of the next set, we found a ripped model and made new art! His pose is Hulk Hogan’s signature flex. Soul Charge’s art is a silly reference to Masaru punching a high level Digimon in the anime. The mastery Pride is based on Leomon’s concept of honorable dueling, always finding opponents of equal or greater strength. Ancientvolcamon is the first playable Ancient spirit; the others are just mastery art. Much of the evo-box names in this set were networked like the Pendulum Z’s Nature Spirits. Mimicbetamon and Mimicmon (Pendulum Z) were the inspiration for the name and effect of the ability Mimic. Tomahawk Steiner was designed for TOY but cut for theme reasons (even though we left in its sibling card Death Sentence) and then was intended to be the start of a junk and weapons set that turned into Cyber Junk, for which it was again cut due to theme reasons! It almost got cut again with Solar Flare but we wanted to release it sometime this century. This set is unusual in that there are no evolutions, data or ace at all and instead we had to make many Digimon which are far more complex. The first 5 cards in this set were specifically crafted at the request of player “Darkness” since they’re his favorites. Risegreymon’s effect is a reference to Revolmon’s support which acts like a game of Russian roulette. Nova counters and Machgaogamon’s style are setting the stage for a future Miragegaogamon that uses both!

Fast or Slow?

Some effects say “Fast, …” or “Slow, …”. You should check the updated rules page but the short of it is Fast is a condition requiring that effect to resolve first. Slow requires it to not resolve first. They’re mutually exclusive unless you have a time machine.

Nova counters :O

For the first time ever, Digimon Battle Evolution designers have caved and sold their soul to the Magic the Gathering / Yugioh devil! Those evil, useless “counters” tracking mechanics have seeped into this game and it’s doom, DOOM I say! Well maybe it’s a bit dramatic. For Ancientvolcamon, Supernova, and a small handfull of future cards, “Nova counters” will be added to a player’s pool of resources. They don’t do anything. They don’t even exist in physical form unlike Flat counters. It’s just a number. Some of the cards reference them. But there’s a cool way they’re used which has you build them up through various in-game effects for a big flashy bang. Just note a player can only have a max of 10 nova counters per the rules.


The new attack ability Mimic is both simple and potentially confusing at first. Basically, your Mimic attack will become the opponent’s attack. But your Power is the opponent attack listed next to your Mimic. The ability it transforms into might be different though, because it takes on whatever attack ability is in the opponent’s same attack slot. The rules clarify it more but basically a cross ability of Cross Mimic just makes your attack exactly the same as the opponent’s cross in all respect. But your cross ability that’s Triangle Mimic actually gives you the opponent’s cross ability and triangle Power.

Flip cards again!

You can check out a detailed explanation on the accompanying post Intro to Flip Cards. Just like before, we have returning Flip cards in the form of Blackwargreymon and Shinegreymon.

Try it out! Click the cards and you’ll see how they flip between different sides.

SF Full Spoiler

Gallery of All Cards (Full Layout)

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