Tabletop Simulator now has all the erratas and set XB! So the set release is no longer just window-shopping. TTS also has the blue player hidden zone fixed, since that was quite an error. Try using the new “spread” feature in Tabletop Simulator on the Masteries, it looks rad. Below is the gallery for all the errata art fixes that we made. Some arts were also changed to stock renders just to spare everyone’s eyes while we work on this art replacement project.

We also released a keyword called “Access” to replace the long text “Reveal a [card type] in hand:”, so you can find the exact details now in the rules.

Special update! XA has had 2 cards added to it. That’s right, this game is completely digitally distributed so I can do whatever I want, including release cards for older sets. Truth be told, they were supposed to be in there anyway but Masteries weren’t fully tested by that time. So it’s basically cut content being patched back in.

List of cards whose effects, evo-box, or art changed:

    • Data Hijack
    • Dracomon BR
    • Dracomon XA
    • Agumon
    • Coredramon Green XA
    • Coredramon Green BR
    • Coredramon Blue BR
    • Wingdramon XA
    • Groundramon XA
    • V-Dramon
    • V-Dramon Gold
    • V-mon
    • Slayerdramon
    • Slayerdramon DATA
    • Pierrotmon
    • Lopmon
    • Terriermon
    • Data Morph
    • Toy Cars
    • Hyogamon name -> Snowgremon
    • Gaomon
    • Gaogamon
    • Catastrophe
    • Dagomon
    • Deckerdramon
    • Ultimate Storm
    • Zudomon BR
    • Zudomon BIT
    • Jugonsatsu
    • Dinohumon
    • Sniper Disk
    • Tortamon
    • Redotamamon
    • Triceramon
    • Jyagamon
    • Plug-in Backup
    • Solarmon BR Metal
    • Geogreymon
    • Greymon BR
    • Greymon EX Metal
    • Flarelizamon
    • Deltamon
    • Darktyrannomon
    • Tyrannomon
    • Lampmon
    • Volcdramon
    • Wendigomon
    • Goddramon
    • Dorbickmon
    • Mummymon
    • Immortalize
    • Plottmon
    • Shellmon
    • Ikkakumon
    • Ginryumon
    • Purity Mask (same fix as last)
    • Magic Word
    • Vademon
    • Sealsdramon
    • Grappleomon
    • Waspmon
    • Whamon Level U
    • Marindevimon
    • Waruseadramon
    • Meteormon
    • Panjyamon
    • Tigervespamon
    • Whistle
    • Miracle Ruby
    • Partner Finder

Gallery of Fixed Arts

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