Big November 2020 Errata

New design philosophy permeates this year’s big errata. There are literal hundreds of erratas, many for effects, balancing, styling, evo-boxes, and especially art. This time, I won’t be able to list them. Instead, I’ve prepared a set of highly important changes plus some new art samples. By the way, the Tumblr had explanations of these art while we worked on the release. So if you don’t know, the VMundi Tumblr is where we do the “making of” and let our hair down a little. Check it out. Now that we can do a lot of much better, more expressive, higher-fidelity, and more varied art, the game will be shifting focus in that direction. There are 3 types of errata showcased below: changed identity (name or concept), art synchronization (to the original PS1 concepts), or upgraded art, usually from something bad or randomly found.

The all-important identity changed cards have name changes, which is very important. Consult this list so you’re aware of these changes. This is similar to the “Mugendramon”, “Atlaskabuterimon”, et al changes before.

Millenniummon** Millenniumon**

Millenniummon DATA** Millenniumon DATA**

Kimeramon** Chimeramon**

Sincerity Mask Purity Mask**

Ulforceveedramon UlforceVdramon

Aeroveedramon AeroVdramon

Veedramon Vdramon

Veemon Vmon

Wargrowlmon Megalogrowlmon

Skullmeramon Deathmeramon

Magnaangemon Holyangemon

Piddomon Cupidmon

Apemon Hanumon

Gatomon Tailmon

BKGatomon BKTailmon

Salamon Plottmon

Frigimon Snowballmon*

Mudfrigimon Mudballmon*

Shimaunimon Zebraunimon

Modokibetamon Mimicbetamon

Centarumon Centaurmon

Vobomon Volbomon

Escape Raft Shining Mane

Giga Cannon Giga Hand

Sincerity Crest Purity Crest

Reliability Crest Sincerity Crest

Check the card gallery for the full library.

Identity Fix

These cards were changed in art, name, or both in order to better fit their original intent. Meaning, all-new identifiable traits.

Accuracy Fix

These were changed for the purpose of higher fidelity to the original concept from the PS1 game Digimon World: Digital Card Arena (or Battle), from which Digimon Battle Evolution draws its inspiration.

Quality Fix

Art changed for the sake of better art, or moving away from using whatever I could find.

*Note: These are a new translation as with “Atlaskabuterimon”. “Frigimon” doesn’t befit the mud version the way Yukidaruma and Tsuchidaruma do. The closest non-Japanese would be “Snowmanmon” or “Mudmanmon” but I’m staying away from “-manmon” for several reasons, including poor communication of “human” instead of masculine. “mud/snow-humon” was also a consideration as with Dinohumon and the upcoming Merhumon (for Hangyomon), but in the “-humon” case, they’re representing a crossbreed rather than a vaguely humanoid ball.
**Note: These are updated on the site but not Tabletop Simulator. Please import the new images when playing against others. Zeedmillenniumon already had the correct evo-box for “Millenniumon”, the others are just catching up to that.

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