November 2020

Errata Nov 2020

Big November 2020 Errata

New design philosophy permeates this year’s big errata. There are literal hundreds of erratas, many for effects, balancing, styling, evo-boxes, and especially art. This time, I won’t be able to list them. Instead, I’ve prepared a set of highly important changes plus some new art samples. By the way, the Tumblr had explanations of these art while we worked on the release. So if you don’t know, the VMundi Tumblr is where we do the “making of” and let our hair down a little. Check it out. Now that we can do a lot of much better, more expressive, higher-fidelity, and more varied art, the game will be shifting focus in that direction. There are 3 types of errata showcased below: changed identity (name or concept), art synchronization (to the original PS1 concepts), or upgraded art, usually from something bad or randomly found.

The all-important identity changed cards have name changes, which is very important. Consult this list so you’re aware of these changes. This is similar to the “Mugendramon”, “Atlaskabuterimon”, et al changes before.

Ulforceveedramon UlforceVdramon

Aeroveedramon AeroVdramon

Veedramon Vdramon

Veemon Vmon

Apemon Hanumon

Gatomon Tailmon

BKGatomon BKTailmon

Frigimon Snowballmon*

Mudfrigimon Mudballmon*

Shimaunimon Zebraunimon

Modokibetamon Mimicbetamon

Centarumon Centaurmon

Vobomon Volbomon

Escape Raft Shining Mane

Giga Cannon Giga Hand

Sincerity Crest Purity Crest

Sincerity Mask Purity Mask

Reliability Crest Sincerity Crest

Check the card gallery for the full library.

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TOY Set Release


  • The first medium-sized set in almost 2 years! TOY marches in 50-cards strong, packed with new strategies, tough choices, a new card type, and new mechanics.

    • 50 New game cards
    • New card type: Mastery, 2 cards
    • New mechanic keyword: Turbo
    • Upgraded art style from old cards
    • 9 Level R
    • 7 Level C
    • 9 Level U
    • 3 Level M
    • 16 Option cards
    • 3 DATA cards
    • Powerful effects but opponent choice
  • Card types and abilities are reinforced from prior releases!

    • 6 Grudge attack ability
    • 6 Attach cards
    • 1 ACE
    • 5 Firewalls
    • 4 (all) Dark Masters by popular request
    • 1 Firewall themed for each Dark Master
    • DATA cards for each Dark Master
    • 2 new Ruler Digimon
    • 5 Mamemon family cards
    • 19 share a Digimon name with others
    • Effects that passively apply from the DP zone

What’s new?

Gone are the days of sparse evolution-boxes, or generic DP cost bonuses; in with more names, and more unique bonuses. The DOT style returns for 2 cards and the art is better than other sets overall, I hope. Within the theme, TOY features many Digimon that are puppets or have a connection to puppets and toys. A secondary, yet intersecting theme is a completion of the Dark Masters from Digimon Adventure: Pierrotmon, Pinnochimon, and DATA and Firewall cards themed on each Dark Master. A tertiary theme is mutant Digimon, because artificial Digimon and mutations coincide. Finally, the missing members of the Mamemon family make their Debut: Metalmamemon, Bigmamemon (twice each) and Catchmamemon returns in 3D glory.

If you’re still getting used to them, the 3 new symbols make a return as well.

— Attach. Signifies a card that can be attached. All magenta text after this symbol is active when attached.

— Permanent effect. When you see this on a Mastery or evolution box, it denotes a permanent effect which continually applies until voided or removed from its zone. Some cards may specifically void this symbol, in which case permanently void permanent effects, as though they were cards. Armadillomon and Clear Wall will remind players to void effects with that symbol permanently.

— Opponent. This is simply the word “opponent” compressed for space and ease-of-reading. It is intended to resemble a target and the letter O, for “target opponent”.

Mastery Cards

1 Mastery may be optionally included in a player’s Destiny Zone during deck construction and counts toward the deck size limit. Apply all permanent and passive effects at all times unless being voided or is removed from the zone. These bring some immediate effects to decks that want a certain play style, with an upside and some downside trade-off.

TOY Full Spoiler

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New PendulumZ Promo — Tropiamon

I hope everyone’s still excited from the late October promos. As we welcome the harsh winter with solemn contemplation, let’s also celebrate that the Pendulum Zs have made their way into the hands of many happy people. Hopefully, they can be little packets of joy. I know I got a full set of wave 1 and they’re very fun! So here’s a super-early card for the Pendulum Z wave 2, Tropiamon! It’s a harsh, poisonous monstrosity that makes certain attack abilities completely unusable. Tropiamon is a vote for a more nail-biting game with counters and to-zero, and shuns self-satisfying nonsense like Jamming, Draw, and Crash. Look out Mystimon… And on top of that, it sports the new Grudge (hypocrite), and has a devastating bonus stopping all opponent HP recovery effects; plus being able to recycle any 1, which is super powerful and nicely sets up supporting from the top of the deck with your best trashed card, even if it’s your ACE!

New Promo on Samhain — Mystimon

Yesterday, I hinted that the pointy hats may not be over. It’s still Samhain, so let’s go. Stepping over the hedge of the Otherworld as a complete wizard, Mystimon makes its appearance! Mistymon? Mysticmon? Whatever, it’s mystical and from Witchelny! Let’s dive right into the new stuff it has.

Evo-box first: The odd thing you may notice is “Wi-mon” and “So-mon” both Level C. The rules for quotation names is that you substitute the “-” part for anything or nothing. So “Wi-mon” for example would be Witchmon or Wizardmon. If it had “Devi-mon”, then Devimon and Devidramon work. The actual permanent effect allows you to change its cross ability every Strategy phase, right at the start. You can pick from any attack ability in the DZ. So if you had BIT-006 Hyogamon in there, you could change your ability into  Counter (of course, your Power is now 0 as usual). Bear in mind, that change is a lingering effect and will dissipate at the end phase. But this works to your advantage in case you want its x3 VS back! You can always pick another ability next turn. Here’s a list of what Digimon exist that you can use this with:

  • Witchmon
  • Wizardmon
  • Soulmon
  • Sorcerymon

All with pointy hats of course. Rulers can’t evolve from normal types, so using names is necessary. Don’t forget they also can’t be played as Abnormal (hence no stat block).

Support effect and Active effect: You may notice some odd stuff going on here. The bubble number ① and ② were added to help with clarity because its box is a bit confusing without them. Both the numbers and the cyan text denote a break in effect. If you SUPPORT, you get ①, and both players will have their power become the same as their HP. Basically, more powerful Crash but…for everyone. So play it at the right time. This is very much the feeling of Nightmare effects!

For effect ② (cyan text), use this from the Active spot like any other Passive ability. When your active is Mystimon, you’ll be able to Discard 1 Option as a cost to then draw a different option from your trash. Spellcycling! You can only use this during times on your own support phase when you can play a card though, so right at the start of the phase and when you are supporting that turn too. Try to think of some interesting combos and bear its limitations in mind.

If you want to know the interesting story behind how I did this art, tumblr post.